Packing Tips for a smooth move

Use this opportunity and have an effective ‘clear out’. You can have a quick yard sale, or go to a ‘car boot sale’ with everything you don’t want or need. You can even consider giving local charity shops a boost. Either way, it will surely make your move much easier and cheaper. Label all the boxes. Fortunately, our boxes do come with labels on them. Make sure that you put heavier items into smaller boxes. You should never overpack your box.

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One room, one box. Use the same box packing the same room. With this, unpacking will become easier for you. Tell the movers which boxes should be unloaded first so that they will load them last on their trucks. You should always use quality packing paper. Paper packing will help avoid smears and stains on your belongings. Everything should be packed before the moving day. The moving day is supposed to be for loading. Order as many boxes as you will never know when you will need extras. Our company will see to it that we will take unused boxes back, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Box comes in different sizes. When choosing boxes, be sure that you will get a range of sizes. Get wardrobe boxes, lots of medium sized boxes, and lots of tiny boxes as well. Never use foam peanuts to pack your computer – they can cause some damage because of the generated static electricity. Get one of the movers to do a last walk around the house before you leave to spot items you have left behind.

Write ‘OPEN FIRST’ on boxes with essential items and ‘DO NOT MOVE’ on boxes that you are planning to take with you.

Moving Tips for a smooth move

First of all, if possible, moving on a weekday. It is definitely less busy and will probably cost you less. A clean house means an easy job for the movers and a smaller cost for you, given that we charge hourly rates. Let movers know about where your fragile items are stored – even if you already put labels on the boxes, they might not be visible. We will make sure to move everything as smoothly as possible.

Stack the boxes and bags properly in one of the rooms. When the crew of movers arrives, leave them room to move around. Sit back and relax, the job will get done in no time!

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A smooth move always involves a professional moving company. And if you want it to go even smoother, make sure you book with a company that will offer both quality and an affordable price! Let’s Get Moving is that kind of company, and we are proud to say we offer the chance of full transparency when it comes to the costs and steps of the move! We charge hourly and everything is included in the price. Never worry about ending with a bill that enlists things that were not agreed upon! The insurance we offer in case of damage, our skilled movers’ labour, anany-size truck, and all supplies used for the move is included in the price we charge you per hour.

Basically, we count the time elapsed from the crew’s departure from the office until its return. Everything in between these two is covered. You can ask movers to position your belongings in a certain place, to help you assemble or dissemble furniture, and even to help you pack your clothes, and all will be within the hourly price. We charge for quarters of hours, in the end, to make sure the price is fair. And we also offer discounts for moves taking place on certain days of the month, so ask about them and we will happily schedule your move!

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