Kleinburg is an unincorporated community in the city of Vaughan. About the size of a village, it often goes as a village. Nonetheless, it is a great place to live in, if you seek something peaceful. Have you ever found yourself thinking of moving to Kleinburg? If not, you sure should.

With little under 5000 inhabitants, if you also consider the surrounding establishments, Kleinburg is a really small and compact community. It brings all the advantages of the big city of Vaughan but with lower prices and a considerably more relaxed spirit. Fun fact: in German, the name literally translates to Small Town. Very self-descriptive, huh? The village itself has less than 1000 inhabitants. 

Kleinburg Ontario - best place to move to

Being right next to Vaughan, Kleinburg is a quick drive away from countless job offers, schools, and houses of all kinds and prices. Should you look for something in the community, you might actually be lucky and find a house with a very good price to rent or buy. Kleinburg covers a small, narrow area of the hilly landscape, right between the branches of the Humber River.

If you are looking for a small town, where life takes a slower pace and everyone is more relaxed than in the hecticness of the big cities, you are lucky. Kleinburg is right about what you are looking for. And it is right next to Vaughan, so you can get in the car and drive for only a few minutes in order to get to school, work, or any leisure activity that you cannot find in the village itself. 


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