Becoming one of the most popular cities in Canada sure must have a solid socio-cultural basis. Halton Hills is a city of approximately 61,000 inhabitants, located in the Greater Toronto Area, and is one of those very popular and highly ranked cities. In case you haven’t so far, start thinking of moving to Halton Hills & don’t tackle the move alone; hire skilled movers in Toronto for assistance.

Not your average small city

At first glance, Halton Hills is similar to many Canadian cities. On a closer look, however, you start noticing the differences that make it one of the most liveable cities in the country. The history of the place has set a strong print on its development. Then nature came and added some beauty to it, resulting in a visually perfect combination.

After nature and history played their role gracefully, people came and added some more to the equation. This is how natural conservation areas came to life, for example. But this is also how Halton Hills became a beautiful and constantly growing community.

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One of the best places to live in

In the past four years, Halton Hills went to higher and higher positions when it comes to the best places to live in Canada. And for some good reasons. The unemployment rate is almost nonexistent, the crime rate is very low, and the median and average incomes are rather high. Add a good educational system with high-ranked public and private schools, and you got yourself a good combo.

For young families and young active people, Halton Hills is the ideal place. Not only does it combine diverse jobs with good education, but it also offers lots of options for spending free time. We would like to highlight that the city has many sports centers and facilities. These and the landscape itself allow you to practice pretty much any sport. Choose whichever rings your bells, from hiking to skating and from cross-country skiing to biking.

The Municipality of Halton Hills pays a lot of attention to its senior citizens, making sure to provide them with high-quality life conditions. It is important to point out that the city has many centers and services for the elderly, where young people can also volunteer.

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