Put aside all jokes about Scarborough and forget everything they told you about this place! Scarborough is a good place to live. Here you go main things you need to know before you move to Scarborough.

It is safe

With all the random information being spread all over the internet, it’s hard to know what to believe. The easiest is to check out the official numbers: Scarborough has a very low rate of criminality, compared to Toronto. If you are thinking of moving to Scarborough, this place is as safe as it gets!

Scarborough Bluffs Bluffers Beach Marina.jpg

Scarborough has very good schools

Many schools for pupils of all ages are available all around the neighborhood, and it will be easy to find a good school for your children here. Just in case you don’t like the offer, you can always take public transport to Toronto to drop off your kids to school there.

Buying a house here might be a great idea

Scarborough has some very good prices when it comes to rent and housing. The real estate offer is growing and the reasonable prices seem to stay reasonable. This is a huge plus when it comes to moving to Scarborough. Besides, this place gives you a warm community feeling, is safe, and has everything you need.

These things are about it, this is all you need to know before you move to Scarborough! Oh, one more thing! You will need professional Toronto movers, otherwise, the move will be a mess and there will be rocketing stress. Contact Scarborough Movers today for a free estimate for your move to Scarborough. After you see how good our prices are and how professional we are, you will never want to move to another company.