Pickering may not be such a large city but is not at all as boring as the jokes go. All the contrary. This place is dynamic and full of energy, but without being hectic at all. Things are very well-adjusted here, so here is what you need to know before you think of moving to Pickering.

It offers a lot of jobs

The official numbers reach up to around 35,000 jobs, out of which a few thousand are available. You can transit to Toronto for work anytime with your car or by public transport, but you can still find well-paid jobs in Pickering if you search for them.

Pickering has very good schools

The city offers a few dozen schools to choose from, which is quite impressive. Both public and private, the schools available are spread all around the city, so wherever you live in Pickering, it will be easy to take your children to a school close to your home.

Apartment Outdoor Pickering Ontario

Buying a house in Pickering might be a great idea

With very low prices compared to Toronto, Pickering is a great choice to start a relaxed and peaceful life, alone or together with your family. The city is overall affordable and you can easily find very good houses and apartments in Pickering. And you can also find professional movers in Toronto working for very good hourly rates. These things are about all you need to know before you decide to move to Pickering. Book a move to Pickering with Pickering movers and we will manage everything impeccably!