‘Tis the season to be jolly! However, that may be harder than you think if you need to move this holiday season. That’s why our Toronto movers have these stress-free moving tips for you to easily relocate this holiday season.

Along with our award-winning moving, packing, and storage services, below our Toronto movers provide moving tips for the ultimate relocation experience.

Begin Preparing for a Move Early

One of the best moving tips for a stress-free move this holiday season is preparing as early as possible. Our  Toronto residential movers recommend that you start planning for your move at least six weeks before moving day. This will help you coordinate and organize all the tasks you need to relocate your home with ease. Scrambling at the last minute will only add stress and frustration. Get in touch with our Toronto home movers.

Make a Moving Checklist

When you prepare for a move, it helps to create a moving checklist to keep yourself organized. With a checklist, you can keep yourself on task with moving tasks and deadlines. You can make one of our own, or you can print our moving and storage company’s detailed  moving checklist.

Prepare an Essentials Bag  

An essentials bag is a suitcase or duffle bag that carries items you will need during the first few days after moving. Instead of having to sort through moving boxes in your new home, a stress-free moving tip is to keep a bag of your essential items nearby. Your essentials bag should include a toothbrush, deodorant, change of clothes, your phone and laptop chargers, medications you may need, wallet, and a few snacks.

Clean Your Home Before Moving Day

Our local movers suggest cleaning your home before moving day. Many things will be happening on moving day, including movers going in and out of your home. It is not wise to start cleaning your apartment or home on moving day. It may delay your movers, or it could risk them slipping. One of our stress-free moving tips for this holiday season is that if you need to clean your home, then do so a week before moving day. You can also do a final wipe-down after the movers are done, and all of your belongings have been moved out.

Hire Our Toronto Moving & Storage Company

Our final stress-free moving tip is to hire a  professional moving and storage company to assist you on moving day. Our full-service moving company offers the best moving service that Toronto has to offer. We offer a variety of moving services, including professional packing, residential moving labour, and storage.  Contact or call (647) 371-5909 for a free moving quote or to book a move this holiday season.

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