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Things to Know Before You Decide to Move to Barrie

Things to Know Before You Decide to Move to Barrie

If you decide to pack your things and move to Barrie coming from a bigger city, such as Toronto, for example, you will for sure feel some difference. Then again, you are most likely still going to love this place! Come here and enjoy all there is to experience in Barrie while living the relaxed and modern lifestyle! There are the most important things you need to know before you decide it is time to move to Barrie.

Modern should be the city’s second name

Whatever we are talking about, that thing is modern in Barrie. If not state-of-the-art. Starting with the breathtaking architecture and ending with the smallest touch from the smallest park, Barrie is all about modern and dynamic. Not long ago it was ranked 3rd best place to invest in Ontario, so that is also something to keep in mind.
Barrie Kempenfelt Bay Ontario

The education and health systems are great here

From a large prestigious university to countless private and public schools, Barrie has them all. All high-quality education institutions, that is. So no worries about having to choose a school for your kid, because the options are all good. Also, the health system is also very up-to-date, with a large health center that covers most of the needs that may occur, including cancer treatments.

Buying a house here might be a great idea

Many houses here have large yards and you can find a structure and positioning that fits your needs. Houses are affordable and you don’t have to compromise on your regular leisure activities, for you can do them here, too. Barrie can offer you anything you want PLUS some quiet areas and extra safety. Think of that.

To ensure your move goes smoothly, search for licensed and insured Barrie moving companies in the area to get quotes, compare services, and book reliable movers to assist with packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings.

Not many more things to know before you decide to move to Barrie. Oh, you should also know it goes from here on. After you find a home, contact the best affordable moving professionals in Toronto, book with us, and, well… Let’s Get Moving to Barrie!

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5 Things to Do in Barrie

5 Things to Do in Barrie

The hospitable and family-friendly city of Barrie sure has lots to offer to whoever comes to visit or moves here. From what they call “the old Barrie” to the newer areas of the city, you can find anything you want in it. Here are 5 things to do in Barrie.

Relax in the Centennial Park

Park AND beach, right in the city?? Say no more! Barrie Centennial Park is like going on a fun city break but in your own city. And with really low costs. The park has a sandy beach, a floating water playground, sports areas, a boat launch, an adventure playground and whatnot. You can never get bored here once you keep moving from one attraction to another!

Try some good beer at the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

Right in the historic downtown of Barrie, take a break and enjoy a cold one at Flying Monkeys. Experience craft brewing by trying one of the 16 draught beers they produce. And if you feel like having a snack together with the beer, they have some really tasty fresh local food in their Tap Room.

Take a festival-like selfie with the Spirit Catcher

If this sculpture doesn’t remind you of a festival, nothing does! A modern kinetic sculpture stands on the shore of Kempenfelt Bay, for you to enjoy it and let your creativity and inspiration flow away. Away, to days of summer and nights of the festival. Or to the drawing your kid made the other day. 🙂 In any way, the Spirit Catcher is a very Instagrammable spot, don’t miss it.

Sprit Catcher.jpg

Check out the Antiques Centre for some old gems

If you are a fan of vintage items or just wish to decorate your home with something truly original, go visit the antique centre. The place will for sure remind you of your early childhood and of your grandmother’s attic. Besides, considering how affordable the houses are in Barrie, you will save lots of money you can later spend here on decorations!

Experience countryside life at the Chappell Farms

Always wanted to move to the countryside? No need to anymore. Just pay a visit to the Chappell Farms and you will have the full experience in one afternoon. While the place will make you remember the good old days, the kids will enjoy the playgrounds and the amenities. Make sure to bring your camera with you!

Barrie is not one of the most touristic cities, but it sure is an amazing place full of hidden gems. And you can always find way more than 5 entertaining things to do in Barrie. In this way, it is a great city to live in, being also close to the Greater Toronto Area. Why not move there with Toronto movers? There is a free estimate waiting for you a few clicks away.

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