There are many good reasons why people are moving to Toronto; some are making local moves from the suburbs to the city, and others are coming from afar. 

Toronto is more diverse than most major cities worldwide. It also has many job opportunities, healthcare facilities, and many other things to keep us busy, entertained, and active in our spare time. 

It’s no wonder the city continues to develop, attract newcomers, and support many different communities and cultural events. In Toronto, the world is your oyster!

In this blog, we have explained nine reasons why people are moving to Toronto – 

1. Toronto is the “most diverse city in the world”

According to the sources, Toronto has many people who have moved here from other countries—230 nationalities. And because Canada likes to embrace cultural diversity, it has, over time, made Toronto into a cultural mosaic of many languages, festivals, foods, and religions.

Not too long ago, BBC Radio declared Toronto the most diverse city in the world—over London, of all places.

One thing that visitors and newcomers may still need to learn is that Toronto consists of neighbourhoods bearing the name of the culture that is most prevalent there.

We have a Chinatown, a Little Italy, an Indian Bazaar, a Koreatown, and more. There’s even a vibrant LGBTQ+ community surrounding Church Street that hosts one of North America’s largest pride parades each summer, attracting up to 3 million visitors each year.

2. Work opportunities with good pay and benefits

Toronto is a major contributor to Canada’s overall economy. Due to the number of available jobs and the variety of sectors in Toronto, it’s common for people to move to the city solely for work prospects. 

The city is home to the top five banks in Canada, a booming tech industry, and many avenues for entrepreneurs to network, find investors and build a stable business, so much so that it accounts for a major portion of job growth in North America. 

In addition, Toronto offers fantastic support for startup businesses—specifically, those moving here to start a new business.

Employers in Toronto want to attract the best of the best, so you can expect to see competitive wages, health benefits (eye care and dental), life insurance, retirement savings contributions, and sometimes even shares if the company is publicly traded. Benefits aren’t guaranteed, but they are an important part of employment packages here, helping entice top talent to Toronto.

3. You won’t need a car unless you want one

Are you thinking about the pros and cons of moving to Toronto? You will need to consider transportation. 

While the population in Toronto is growing, it makes sense that the roads can become congested due to the number of drivers on the road and road works to fortify and expand roads when weather permits. (Construction season tends to be in the warmer months, outside of winter.)

One thing you should know about moving to Toronto is that public transportation is excellent and inexpensive, making owning a car unnecessary for so many people. From the TTC’s subways to its light rail streetcars, Toronto residents can quickly move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Buses and the GO Train take people to the suburbs for longer distances. And a special train brings people from the downtown core to the airport quickly and cheaply.

4. Family-friendly—bring yours or create one here

Toronto is a beautiful place to move to with your family or to start a family.

There are beautiful schools in each community, parks and other green spaces to explore, theme parks, the Ontario Science Centre, and festivals that pop up all year round.

The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) is an annual favourite for families who love exciting rides, games, and fun carnival food.

Raising kids in Toronto isn’t cheap, but the prices for daycare, food, clothing, and school supplies are fairly stable and predictable.

Discount stores like Dollarama and NoFrills help make everyday items more affordable. Toronto also offers programs for parents who need additional support for their child’s needs.

Toronto’s diversity, as mentioned earlier, also remains crucial for raising accepting, aware, and tolerant kids here. For these reasons, Toronto is a beautiful hub for young people growing up to learn, develop, and play.

5. Toronto stays active and healthy, even in winter

Toronto offers a lot in nature, recreation, green space and easy transportation to out-of-town green adventures. 

Toronto neighbourhood parks include The Beaches, Scarborough Bluffs, Trinity-Bellwoods Park, High Park, Toronto Botanical Gardens. There are a lot of neighborhoods for young professionals as well such as The Entertainment District, King West Village, Liberty Village etc. 

With a car, you can visit nearby recreation parks and beaches. They are wonderful in the fall when the changing temperatures turn the leaves into a symphony of colours.

Biking in Toronto

Toronto is a biking destination with many bike share rentals throughout the downtown core, even if installing bike lanes in congested areas is still a work in progress.

Still, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail allows cyclists to enjoy an almost uninterrupted ride along the banks of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Georgian Bay. The complete trail is 3600 kilometres and connects 170 communities in Canada and the United States. If you are looking for staying couple of days and enjoy beauty then you will find lot of vacation rentals in this area.  

Hiking and Camping around Toronto

When summer rolls around, hiking and camping are popular weekend activities. 

Because there are so many options around us, we can choose a level of intensity, from leisurely walks in the woods along the Bruce Trail to family-friendly camping that includes access to plumbing and amenities, as well as deep woods adventures where you can expect to carry your food and canoe on your back.

No car? Parkbus offers transportation to some of our favourite hiking and camping areas outside the city.

Recreational Swimming and Water Sports in Toronto

Due to the weather here, outdoor pools, beaches, and nearby lakes are open only from late spring to early fall. During those months, people love to take the Ferry to the beaches of Toronto Island Park, take sailing or scuba diving lessons, or stay cool at a local splash pad or public pool.

In the winter, some outdoor pools become skating rinks—another fun recreation activity—and swimmers can commence their activities indoors at many Toronto rec centres. If you have a car, you may want to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend.

Snow sports near Toronto

You may not find ski hills in downtown Toronto, but they aren’t far away. Blue Mountain, Glen Eden and Horseshoe Valley are just a few hills with downhill (alpine) skiing and other activities like tobogganing or cross-country (nordic) skiing.

Hardwood Hills also has some pleasantly technical rolling hills for cross-country skiers and mountain bikers (yes, even in the winter).

6. Housing developments and purchasing power

Toronto has a growing population, and housing development is scorching hot to accommodate newcomers. High-rise condo buildings, low-rise complexes, and new suburban neighbourhoods are constantly being built.

Although the purchase and rental prices are admittedly high, employee pay rates tend to be higher in Toronto than in cities like Ottawa, Montreal, and even nearby Hamilton. 

Housing affordability and moving cost in Toronto are always a hot topic here. Still, it’s good to know that more houses are coming onto the market, and many financing options are available through major banks and independent institutions.

For newcomers navigating various housing types, financing, and expanding neighbourhoods, Toronto has multiple housing initiatives to help guide the way.

7. Healthcare

Canada offers free healthcare to residents, and Toronto attracts some of the best hospital care in the country.

For newcomers who haven’t yet secured their OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Policy) card, there are even small, free health clinics in Toronto where patients can get primary, discreet care for ailments and pre-and post-natal care. 

Schools generally offer the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) or other similar plans for international students living in Toronto. In addition, spouses and children of qualifying students may be eligible if they are with you in Canada.

8. Quality of Life

You may have a singular reason for moving to Toronto—a great school program, a new job, or your partner lives or is moving here—but one thing that is highly likely to keep you here (even if the original reason changes) is the quality of life. 

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2022 Global Liveability Index names Toronto as one of the top 10 cities in the world in terms of quality of life.

Available jobs, access to good healthcare and social programs, development of new housing, and the ability to live an active and full lifestyle are just some of the factors that make the quality of life in Toronto an appealing reason to live here. In terms of safety and security, Toronto is safer than many other major cities worldwide, including others in Canada.

9. Exciting Arts and Culture

Toronto is the birthplace of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays, the Raptors, Drake, and Shawn Mendes. It has museums, restaurants, nighclubs, numerous cultural festivals and two massive film festivals, the International Film Festival and Hot Docs. And did you hear that the World Cup is coming to Toronto

Not only is this a bonus reason to move here if you love all kinds of art forms, but it’s a wonderful place to live if that is how you make your living in these industries.

Conclusion: What’s Your Top Reason for Moving to Toronto?

There are some compelling reasons to move to Toronto, but even if you are moving here for one main reason, you will likely be excited by some of the secondary reasons on this list. 

Moving for a job opportunity? You’re probably also excited about all the nighttime and weekend recreational activities—there’s something for everyone—and the variety of housing options.

Coming here to provide more for your family? You’ll probably find Toronto’s diversity and healthcare additionally appealing.

Whatever your reason, as a Toronto moving company that has moved residents to and from this city, we know that this city welcomes everyone with open arms. Maybe we’ll move you here one day!