Moving is a super big deal, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are caught in the planning stages of your move, it’s essential that you first learn how to properly pack for a move. Of course, if you have chosen Let’s Get Moving, much of the work will be done for you. But that still leaves plenty of work for you to take care of and having the right moving tips can make all the difference in the long run.

Six moving tips to teach you how to pack for a move 101:

Get your moving supplies together

Choose an area of the home that is large enough to handle your largest boxes. A solid table with a protective covering is a good option if you have it. An open floor will also provide the kind of space you will need. Have your pens, markers, tape, and scissors handy.

Just be sure to put down some plastic or paper covering over the table so that you don’t scuff and scratch it.

Pack room by room

Start packing early. Pack even just a couple of boxes per day. It’s always a very good idea to pack room by room as this will help you stay organized and neat throughout the process and let’s face it, organization is the key to any successful move.

Label all boxes and bags

Speaking of being organized, labels are one of the most important moving tips you will ever hear or read. Mark each and every box with both a room and box number. Keep an inventory that tells you how many boxes were packed in each room and what is in each of them.

This way you will know just where each box needs to go in your new home. It will allow for faster and more organized unpacking after the move.

Do not overfill your boxes

Your boxes should each contain plenty of filling material. This will keep all of your items safe, especially breakable ones while keeping the boxes light enough to pack safely. Nothing is worse than pulling a muscle and having the entire box of items fall through the bottom only to go crashing to the floor. Use common sense and think about how far each box will need to be carried to get to its destination and you should be fine.

Keep boxes under 50 lbs

Still, need more moving tips? Keeping your boxes under 50 lbs is a great one. Always pack the heavier items at the bottom of each box with the lighter ones closer to the top. Also, keep in mind that the heavier the item you are packing the smaller the box should be.

Double check box bottoms

Learning how to pack for a move is essential to taking good care of your items. Make sure the boxes are set up right and even take a little extra time to tape the bottoms. This will ensure even your most breakable items are kept safe even during a long-distance move.

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