Did you realize you need a storage solution after relocating? Don’t worry! Our climate-controlled storage facility in Toronto can help. Our moving and storage company strives to deliver exceptional storage and moving services. Learn our best GTA movers’ 6 moving tips on how to organize your storage unit.

Create an Inventory List 

Before placing your belongings in storage, create an inventory list of all your belongings. This inventory list will help you stay organized to remember every item you put in your storage unit. Our movers in Toronto suggest using a spreadsheet that includes the items, descriptions, and where you are going to place them in the storage unit.

Store Your Belongings in Premium Packing Supplies

Even if you store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit, not storing them with quality packing supplies can cause damage over time. Our packing services in Toronto offer premium moving supplies, including packing and moving kits, to keep your belongings safe during their time in a storage unit.

Label Your Moving Boxes & Containers

Before you organize your storage unit, label your moving boxes and containers. Labeling your moving boxes will help you organize your storage unit more efficiently. Not only will it help you remember where you placed everything, but it will help you coordinate where the boxes should be placed when you organize your storage unit.

Disassemble Your Furniture to Make Space

A pro moving tip for storage unit organization is to disassemble your furniture to make more space in small storage units. By disassembling large furniture, you can maximize space despite the storage unit size. If you need assistance with furniture moving or disassembling, call our full-service movers in Toronto. Our Toronto residential movers can help you relocate your home and organize your storage unit efficiently and affordably.

Place Items Not Frequently Used in the Back

Our expert house movers in Canada place items not frequently used in the back of our climate-controlled storage units. Our moving and storage company suggests placing seasonal clothing, important documents, and other frequently used items in the front of the storage unit.

Store Moving Boxes Vertically

An expert storage unit organization idea is that after you secure your residential or commercial belongings with quality moving supplies, store your moving boxes vertically in your storage unit. Vertical organizing helps create more room, especially in smaller rooms. Place heavy moving boxes and fragile items on top. Remember to label boxes accordingly so you can easily keep your belongings organized.

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