Richmond Hill is a beautiful Toronto suburb that boasts nature, well-paying jobs, plenty of green space, and cultural heritage. 

So if you are moving to this area, no wonder you’re looking up the cost of hiring a moving company in Richmond Hill and other fees.

Calculating the Cost of Moving in Richmond Hill

Kudos for thinking ahead and researching the cost of moving to Richmond Hill. There will be some apparent expenses and others that you won’t want to overlook, like temporary storage, a 24-pack of water, and even doggy daycare.

In this blog, we’ve created tables covering the average ranges for moving-related services and products priced in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

These tables should help you make informed decisions about what you’ll need for your move and how to stay within your moving budget.

1. Cost Hiring Movers in Richmond Hill

Opting for the convenience of hiring local movers in Richmond Hill is a natural choice when you’re moving home or office.

So, in this case, you don’t have to pay for rental moving trucks, packing supplies, etc. 

But how much do these professional services cost?

Size of Home Number of Movers Average Cost Range
Bachelor or studio 2 $520 – $875
One-bedroom 3 $890 – $1,525
Two bedrooms 4 $1,800 – $2,675
Three bedrooms 5 $2,000 – $3,120
4+ bedrooms 5 $3,250 – $5,500+

Knowing how much stuff you have to move and, of course, the address of your new location will help the moving company in giving you the most accurate estimated cost for your move.

2. Buying Moving Supplies for a Move within Richmond Hill

Next, you’ll want to know the cost of your moving supplies. Below, we’ve included some of the most common moving supplies and their prices.

The great thing about moving boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, and other consumable packing supplies is that you can usually find them at affordable prices in a major city like Richmond Hill.

You can look at Facebook marketplace, supermarkets, big box stores, and even ask friends or family. 

We’ve made the following charts to illustrate the average cost of moving supplies for your upcoming move. 

  • Cost of Moving Boxes

Moving boxes come in multiple sizes so you can choose the right size for each category of home goods. Large boxes are great for oversized, light items like pillows, blankets, and comforters, while small boxes are ideal for keeping well-wrapped delicate collectibles safe.

Item Price
1.5 cu. ft. moving box $2.99
2.0 cu. ft. moving box $3.99
3.0 cu. ft. moving box $4.99
4.0 cu. ft. moving box $5.99
5.0 cu. ft. moving box $6.99
6.0 cu. ft. moving box $7.99
Bankers Box $3.99
Wardrobe box $24.99
  • Cost of Moving Kits

Moving kits are perfect for the novice who hasn’t done much packing and moving. The kit gives you everything you’ll need for packing based on the number of bedrooms in your home. Choose a size and get wrapping!

Item Price
Studio and loft moving kit $109.99
1-bedroom moving kit $149.99
2-bedroom moving kit $229.99
3-bedroom moving kit $454.99
4-bedroom moving kit $654.99
  • Cost of Mattress and Chair Covers

Covers are used to protect your chairs and mattresses from dirt, dust, and grime while moving them from one home to the next.

Item Price
Chair cover and sofa cover $14.99
Single and double mattress bag $14.99
Queen mattress bag $19.99
King mattress bag $24.99
  • Cost of TV & Art Boxes

Pack fragile, odd-shaped items like mirrors, art, and TVs like the experts do with specialized boxes

Item Price
Art and mirror boxes $24.99 – $44.99
Full protective TV kit $39.99 – $69.99
Protective TV cushions $24.99 – $34.99
  • Cost of Additional Moving Supplies

Don’t forget these handy additions to make the packing more manageable and organized.

Item Price
Packing peanuts $9.99 – $24.99
Packing paper $19.99 – $39.99
Packing set for dishes $19.99 – $21.99
Packing set for glasses $18.99 – $20.99
Labels $0.99 for a pack of 5
Marker $2.99

If you’re packing, moving, and unpacking yourself, you’ll need to know the day’s cost of a moving truck.

3. Renting a Moving Truck or Van in Richmond Hill

A DIY move can be cheaper, but you should consider all necessary expenses, like renting a moving truck. The prices here are directly from a moving truck rental company in Richmond Hill.

Size of Truck Description Cost
8’ pickup truck and 9’ cargo van Apartment – 1 bedroom / Studio $19.95 per day, plus $0.69 per kilometre
10’ Truck Studio to 1 Bedroom Apt. $19.95 per day, plus $0.89 per kilometre
15’ Truck 1 Bedroom – 2 Bedroom Apt. $29.95 per day, plus $0.89 per kilometre
17’ & 20’ Truck 2 Bedroom – 3 Bedroom Apt. $39.95 per day, plus $0.89 per kilometre
26’ Truck 3 Bedroom – 4 Bedroom Apt. $49.95 per day, plus $0.89 per kilometre

Our experienced movers say their 17’ truck is the most popular size for this location.

4. Additional Costs of Moving to Richmond Hill

Now that you have the most basic costs of moving to Richmond Hill mapped out, it’s time to factor in a few other costs you may need to make your moving day better like junk removal and local storage with pick-up and delivery included.

Item Description Cost
Local Storage 10’ x 20’ $342 per month
Junk Removal Fill a partial bin or a full one $60 (⅛ bin) – $500 (full bin)
Babysitter Have someone watch the kids while you move $20 per hour
Pet Sitter or Kennel Keep your pet safe and calm while you move $12 – $16 per hour, or $30 overnight
Water Keep your moving team hydrated $4.48 for 24 bottles
Pizza and Beer Feed yourself and your moving team $23.95 for a party-size pizza and about $16 for six tall cans of beer at the Richmond Hill Beer Store.

Now that everything is priced out for your Richmond Hill move, it’s time to consider ways to stay under budget.

How to Afford a Move in Richmond Hill?

Don’t worry if the moving costs in Richmond Hill seem unaffordable. Here are ways to bring your costs down or add money to the budget –

Tip 1: Look for free moving supplies

Moving supplies are consumable, and once they’re finished being functional, it’s hard to justify keeping them around unless they are being used for storage. Ask friends and family for moving boxes they have hanging around. Facebook Marketplace is another treasure trove of moving supplies.

Tip 2: Sell and give away the items you don’t need

Selling and giving away stuff means you have less to move, saving time and money on the move itself. It could also mean you have extra cash to pay for the move. Put up posters in your neighborhood and post your yard sale online to attract the most treasure hunters.

Tip 3: Book on a weekday with Let’s Get Moving

One of our hottest money-saving moving tips is to book a move with us on a weekday during the middle of two weeks of any month. When moving season rolls around in April, we want to ensure you have an easy and affordable move.

Conclusion: Managing Moving Costs in Richmond Hill is Possible

As you can see, managing the moving costs of a move within Richmond Hill is doable when you follow the advice above.

One of the best ways to save money is to give yourself plenty of planning time. We always suggest you start the moving process at least six months in advance; if you can’t do that, the earlier, the better.

Use our moving checklist to stay on track as you count the months, weeks, and days to moving day. That alone should help with time management, which should help give you the time to put our money-saving advice into action. 

Looking for a quote on your move to Richmond Hill? Call us to get a price, and don’t forget to ask about our lowest rates on weekday moves between the 4th and 26th of every month.