The cost of living in Vaughan is 3% above the Ontario average, yet the vibrant city offers an affordable cost of moving.

The city is notorious for being expensive – but the good news is that you can move without breaking the bank if you choose the right moving company in Vaughan.

On average, the cost of hiring movers in Vaughan is $139-$150 per hour. If you’re moving locally within Vaughan, the moving budget will range between $650-$980 for a studio to $2,200-$4,525 for a 4-bedroom home.

However, the accurate moving cost in Vaughan will depend on the size of the move, the moving company you choose, distance, and various other factors.

In this guide, we have covered in-depth information on how much it costs to hire movers in Vaughan to move locally or long distances. Additionally, we will also share the factors that influence moving costs in Canada in 2024 and learn how you can find ways to make your relocation affordable.

What is the average cost of a local move in Vaughan?

For a local relocation, most moving companies in Vaughan charge hourly for all services. This includes packing your belongings, taking them out of your property and loading them onto moving trucks.

In local move, the distance, and the size of your property are the prime factors affecting how much it costs to hire a moving company in Vaughan.

If you’re moving from a small apartment, you might need 2-3 movers, but if you’re moving from a big house, you’ll need more movers, so the moving cost will be higher.

Refer to the table below to know the average local moving costs in Vaughan, based on property size:

Home size Average cost Number of movers Numbers of hours
Studio/1-Bedroom apartment $450-$770 2 3-5
2-3 Bedrooms $800-$1,225 3-4 7-9
4-5 Bedrooms $1,570-$2,565 4+ 10-12

The five communities—Maple, Kleinburg, Concord, Woodbridge, and a part of Thornhill are situated near Vaughan, though each varies slightly in distance from the city center.

Check the table below to clearly understand the distance and moving cost comparison for different home sizes in the communities near Vaughan.

Location Distance from Vaughan Average moving cost for studio/1-bedroom Average moving cost for 2-3 Bedrooms Average moving cost for 4-5 Bedrooms
Woodbridge 20 km $650-$870 $725-$1,120 $1,270-$2,490
Thornhill 13-15 km $600-$820 $750-$880 $1,560-$1,965
Kleinburg 10 km $600-$790 $785-$820 $1,390-$1,570
Concord 7.2 km $550-$640 $700-$810 $1,350-$1,490
Maple 2-5 km $490-$570 $650-$790 $1,100-$1,400

How much does a long-distance move cost from Vaughan?

The cost of a long-distance move from Vaughan to various cities across Ontario is based on factors such as the number of bedrooms in your apartment or home, the distance traveled, and the size of your belongings. Additional services like packing materials, and special handling requirements also influence the final price.

For instance, moves from Vaughan to London, Vaughan to Windsor, Vaughan to Kingston and Vaughan to Ottawa—are long-distance moves, with average prices typically ranging from $1,000 to over $10,000.

Check out the table below to understand the average cost for long-distance moves based on the number of bedrooms to be moved.

Home/Apartment Distance Average Cost of Relocation
1-Bedroom Apartment >200 km $1,280-$2,300
2-Bedroom Apartment >500 km $2,400-$3,000
3-Bedroom Apartment >500 km $5,520-$7,500
4-Bedroom Apartment >1,000 km $7,600-$10,200

Moving to the west of Vaughan

Caledon and Brampton are on the west side of Vaughan. Since 2016, Brampton has seen an 11% increase in its immigrant population, while Caledon has experienced a 36% growth in immigrant residents.

The increasing population growth in these cities has significantly impacted the demand for moving services, and consequently the moving costs in Vaughan.

On average, moving costs from Vaughan to Caledon and Brampton can vary from $550 for a studio to $2,200 for a 4-bedroom.

Moving to the South of Vaughan

The city of Vaughan is situated in the Regional Municipality of York, just North of Toronto. So, the location is one of the city’s main attractions as residents enjoy easy accessibility to a prime spot, just 25 minutes from Downtown Toronto.

Moving Cost from Toronto to Vaughan can cost anywhere from $650 to $3,500, depending on how many belongings you have. It might be cheaper if it’s a studio or 1-bedroom move, but bigger properties can cost you more.

Because of the population and traffic, executing a local move between Toronto and Vaughan demands careful planning and the support of a trustworthy Toronto moving company

Moving to the East of Vaughan

Markham is situated at the east of Vaughan and moving from Vaughan to Markham can cost anywhere from $450 to $2,800. The price depends on distance, the amount of stuff you have, and any extra services you need. 

Getting quotes from the different moving companies in Markham or Vaughan can give you a better idea of the cost.

Moving to the North of Vaughan

Moving north of Vaughan, specifically to King City and Richmond Hill, is a common choice for many residents. These areas are typically just 15 minutes away from Vaughan, making them convenient options for relocation.

On average, local moves from Vaughan to King City and Richmond Hill can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more, depending on how big your place is, how much stuff you have to move, and if you need extra services like packing or furniture assembly.

Regardless of your needs or the direction of your move from Vaughan, selecting the right moving company is essential to ensure reasonable costs and avoid scams.

Moving routes from Vaughan to other big cities

Check out some average moving costs for the common moving routes from Vaughan to other major cities.

Moving from Vaughan to Ajax

  • $950-$1,100 (1-bedroom)
  • $1290-$1,680 (2-bedroom)
  • $1850-$2,570 (3-bedroom)

Moving from Vaughan to Mississauga

  • $880-$975 (1-bedroom)
  • $1175-$1,490 (2-bedroom)
  • $1450-$1970 (3-bedroom)

Moving from Vaughan to Scarborough

  • $550-$870 (1-bedroom)
  • $650-$800 (2-bedroom)
  • $1200-$1,500 (3-bedroom)

Moving cost in Vaughan: Hiring movers Vs. DIY

When choosing between professional movers and a DIY approach for your move in Vaughan, cost is a key factor to consider.

Let’s compare both options:

Service Hiring Movers DIY Moving
Cost of truck rental Included in hourly rates From $19.95 plus fuel charges depending on the size
Cost of packing supplies Included in hourly rates Ranges from $20 to $250, depending on the quantity and quality of supplies purchased
Labor costs Hourly rates No additional labor costs

If you’re trying to save money and your move in Vaughan is small and straightforward, renting a truck and getting help from friends and family might be a good idea. Our moving checklist can further assist you in streamlining the planning process.

While a DIY move seems like an affordable alternative, think about the amount of money you have to spend on moving supplies, moving boxes, renting a truck, and moving equipment.

However, for larger or more complicated moves, like ones involving lots of furniture or valuable items, choosing the right moving company is worth the extra cost. Don’t just think about the money, consider the time, effort, and potential risks involved in each option before making your decision.

How much do commercial moving services cost in Vaughan?

In Vaughan, office moves are more expensive than residential moves, just like in many other places in Ontario. Office moving falls under commercial moving, which generally costs more due to larger spaces and the need for multiple moving trucks.

Vaughan office movers typically charge hourly rates for their packing and moving services. Depending on your office size, moving and packing costs can vary significantly, from a few thousand dollars to over $10,000.

Office size (square feet) Average moving costs Average packing costs
1,500 sq ft $650-$3,500 $350-$700
3,000 sq ft $1,200-$4,200 $580-$1,050
10,000 sq ft $5,000-$10,000+ $1,200-$2,500

While the estimates provided in the above table give a general idea of potential costs, it’s essential to note that the final relocation expenses can vary based on several factors.

These factors may include the size of the office, the number of items to be moved, the distance between locations, any additional services required, and the time of the move.

Office moves are more complicated than residential ones, but following expert office moving tips can ensure a smooth transition and prevent injuries on moving day.

Other Factors that Impact Moving Costs in Vaughan

Whether you’re planning a local move or relocating to a new city, understanding the below-listed factors will help you come up with an accurate estimate of moving costs in Vaughan.  

  • Moving Supplies

Your belongings cannot be moved as they have to be packed first. Depending on what you’re moving, you need to buy different types of packing supplies.

If you have more fragile items, you might need special boxes, high-quality packing paper, and bubble wrap. Professional movers know how to pack for a move and can provide you with a complete list of packing supplies to help you plan your budget for moving.

  • Sheer Volume/ time

Your moving quote will depend on how many items you ask movers to move.

Some moving companies try to charge their customers based on the amount of time the movers take to move the belongings, and the best way for them to estimate the time is by determining what will be moved.

Volume can serve as a quick indicator of how long the movers might take to complete a move. On this basis, the sales representative will provide you with a moving estimate. 

  • Getting packing services & other additional services

Professional movers can also offer packing services. If you choose this service, you can expect from moving company to provide all packing materials and arrive at your home to pack your belongings, disassemble your furniture & pack it, and load the trucks.

If you are concerned about packing bulky and fragile items, you can even choose movers to provide a partial packing service while you pack the rest of the items yourself. This will prove a better option for those looking to cut packing costs.

  • Moving Date

Pick the right time to move, and you’ll get a good deal from the moving company. 

Generally, moving companies will charge more during the peak moving season simply because of the high demand for moving services.

The cost fluctuates throughout the year in Vaughan, with summer being pricier and off-peak seasons offering more affordable options.

  •  Moving into Walk-Up Buildings 

Moving into multi-story buildings, high rises, or apartments with walk-ups in Vaughan may add to the overall cost of the move. This extra fee accounts for the time and effort required to navigate stairs instead of elevators.

While professionals can manage stairs with items, it naturally takes more time compared to using an elevator. The number of stairs the moving crew must navigate directly impacts the duration of the move.

Insuring your items before allowing the movers to transport them is essential. By paying a small amount you will get basic protection coverage along with the moving estimate. However, getting full-value protection or additional insurance comes at an extra cost.

  • Special equipment move

Movers may take extra hours if you have special items to move. This can be moving washer and dryer, gym equipment, piano, or bulky furniture. 

Most moving companies in Vaughan charge an additional fee for transporting gym equipment and appliances weighing over 100 pounds. Items exceeding 200 pounds may require a third mover for an extra cost of around $60 per hour.

Some companies might charge additional fees for using specialized packing materials, including custom crates, padding, or protective wrapping to ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

Moving with pets, like dogs, is considered a special move and requires careful planning to ensure a smooth relocation for them. So, when it comes to moving any kind of special item, hiring professional movers is always a safer choice.

Ready to move?

Understanding how much it costs to relocate in Vaughan is essential to plan your move. Your initial budget should include moving company costs, packing supplies, and the cost of additional services such as furniture assembly/disassembly, cleaning or junk removal.

Before you start preparing for a move in Vaughan, we recommend you properly educate yourself on the many financial obligations that come along with it.

Frequently asked questions about moving costs in Vaughan, ON

Are there any items that moving companies won’t move?

Movers in Vaughan will not move flammable items, such as propane tanks, aerosol cans, jewelry, cash, liquid detergents, or any other items that may cause damage.

Why is moving in Vaughan expensive?

Moving expenses in Vaughan can add up for several reasons:

  • Hiring professionals for labour and transportation comes with a high cost.
  • Expenses for packing materials, moving insurance, and other miscellaneous items also add to the overall expense.
  • Distance, home size, and the chosen moving date influence the cost.

How to find affordable movers in Vaughan?

Finding low-cost movers in Vaughan begins with getting multiple quotes, comparing the relocation estimates in detail and checking the moving services provided by different moving companies in Vaughan.

What is the best season to move in Vaughan to save on costs?

Due to the lower demand, most moving companies in Vaughan offer discounted prices during winter. So, winters are best to move if you are looking to save some money. We recommend you book your move well in advance to secure better deals.

Why should I use moving help for my office move?

Using moving help for your office move in Vaughan ensures efficiency, saves time, and reduces the risk of damage to your belongings. Professional movers have the expertise and equipment to handle the process smoothly that allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

What is a reasonable moving budget in Vaughan?

A reasonable moving budget in Vaughan typically falls between $650 and $4,525 for a local move, varying based on the size of the move.

Is it normal to pay movers before moving?

Most moving companies in Vaughan will never ask for cash or any huge deposit before moving. However, they do ask for a small deposit during the booking just to make sure you do not cancel on them at the scheduled time.

Should you tip movers?

While tipping movers isn’t mandatory, it’s a common practice, and we suggest it. A general guideline is to tip each mover $5 to $10 per hour, paid individually at the end of the move.

How do I pay for my move?

Make sure to have cash or a certified check ready unless you’ve arranged another payment method beforehand. It’s also a good idea to have extra money in case of unexpected delays. If you plan to use a credit card, ask your mover ahead of time about pre-authorization requirements.

What can change the price of the move in Vaughan?

Several factors can influence the price of a move in Vaughan, including the distance, the size of your home or belongings, the time of year, and any additional services you require.