Want to make your move to Saskatoon less stressful? Understand the cost so you know what to expect.

Having spent 13+ years moving Canadians from one neighbourhood to another, we know the apparent moving costs in Saskatoon and the hidden costs that pop up as people organize their moving day logistics.

Cost of Hiring Professional Movers in Saskatoon

Hiring professional movers in Saskatoon is intelligent and may not be as expensive as you think

Gather quotes from three different companies and make sure you ask if the company has a minimum number of hours per job and whether they include fuel and distance in their quote. Finally, don’t settle for a moving company in Saskatoon that doesn’t include coverage in case of property damage.

Even if you are considering packing, moving, and unpacking yourself, you may be naturally curious about how much Saskatoon movers cost and how much you’ll save if you do the work yourself.

Size Number of Movers Average Cost Range
Studio apartment 2 $450-$750
2 bedroom 3 $890-$1,460
3 bedroom 4 $1,850-$2,570
4 bedroom 5 $2,000-$2,770
5+ bedroom 5 $3,040-$5,200

Now, you can move on to the list of packing supplies and moving equipment you may need to purchase or rent.

Purchasing Packing Supplies in Saskatoon

The great thing about moving boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, and other consumable packing supplies is that you can usually find them for free in a major city like Saskatoon.

Facebook Marketplace, supermarkets, big box stores, and even friends and family usually have spare supplies ready to be passed on to the next person moving.

We’ve made the following charts to help you with everything you can’t find or borrow.

Cost of Moving Boxes

Moving boxes come in multiple sizes so you can choose the right size for each category of home goods. Large boxes are great for oversized, light items like pillows, blankets and comforters, while small boxes are ideal for keeping well-wrapped delicate collectables safe.

Item Price
1.5 cu. ft. moving box $2.99
2.0 cu. ft. moving box $3.99
3.0 cu. ft. moving box $4.99
4.0 cu. ft. moving box $5.99
5.0 cu. ft. moving box $6.99
6.0 cu. ft. moving box $7.99
Bankers Box $3.99
Wardrobe box $24.99

Cost of Moving Kits

Moving kits are perfect for the novice who hasn’t done much packing and moving. The kit gives you everything you’ll need for packing based on the number of bedrooms in your home. Choose a size and get wrapping!

Item Price
Studio and loft moving kit $109.99
1-bedroom moving kit $149.99
2-bedroom moving kit $229.99
3-bedroom moving kit $454.99
4-bedroom moving kit $654.99

Cost of Mattress and Chair Covers
Protect your chairs and mattresses from dirt, dust and grime while moving them from one home to the next.

Item Price
Chair cover and sofa cover $14.99
Single and double mattress bag $14.99
Queen mattress bag $19.99
King mattress bag $24.99

Cost of TV & Art Boxes

Pack fragile, odd-shaped items like mirrors, art and TVs like the experts do with specialized boxes

Item Price
Art and mirror boxes $24.99 – $44.99
Full protective TV kit $39.99 – $69.99
Protective TV cushions $24.99 – $34.99

Cost of Additional Moving Supplies

What else do you need to protect, pack and transport your belongings to your new home?

Item Price
Packing paper $19.99 – $39.99
Labels $0.99 for a pack of 5
Packing set for dishes $19.99 – $21.99
Packing set for glasses $18.99 – $20.99
Packing peanuts $9.99 – $24.99
Marker $2.99

Are you still toying with the idea of a less expensive DIY move? You’ll want to know how much a truck rental will cost you.

Renting a Moving Truck in Saskatoon

A DIY move in Saskatoon requires an appropriately sized truck. Although many of us in this prairie province own a car or know someone who does, you may still need to rent a vehicle for the most oversized items. Here are the average moving truck rental prices in Saskatoon.

Size Description Price
9’ Cargo Van or Pickup Truck Size: 9’11” x 6’4″ x 6’2″ (LxWxH)

Good for: Studio to 1 bedroom condo


plus $0.69 $0.79/kilometre

15’ Truck Size: 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ (LxWxH)

Suitable for: 1 bedroom – 2 bedroom condo


plus $0.79/kilometer

20’ Truck Size: 19’6″ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ (LxWxH)

Suitable for: 2 bedroom home to 3 bedroom condo


plus $0.79/kilometer

26’ Truck Size: 26’5″ x 7’8″ x 8’3″ (LxWxH)

Suitable for: 3 bedroom home to 4 bedroom home


plus $0.79/kilometer

Now that you have the most apparent costs listed, it’s time to include some peripheral expenses.

That includes changing your address, hiring a babysitter or pet sitter for the day, and having cash on hand to tip the movers or the pizza delivery person.

Additional Costs

We’ve covered the obvious, but you may need additional support on a moving day, and you’ll want to account for those costs, too.

Forwarding your mail

Before you leave, make sure you forward your snail mail to your new address. Canada Post charges $95.25 for 12 months of mail forwarding in the same province due to a local move or $119.25 for long-distance moves within Canada. If you move internationally, the cost is $275.25.


Moving with curious kids running around can get dangerous and distracting for parents, giving directions to movers and entertaining little ones. Nannies in Saskatoon charge an hourly rate of $16 and over. Take advantage of their daily services to focus on the things that matter the most.

Pet sitter

Pets can become anxious and even be more prone to accidents on a moving day. For $30 and up, leave your pet with a trusted sitter overnight. They can keep your fur baby safe and occupied until the movers are done and the chaotic part of the move is over.

Pizza and beer

If you relied on friends and family for some packing, moving and unpacking help, the least you could do was feed them. For about $71.99, you can feed yourself and everyone who helped you move. Then, for about $30.99 and up, you can add a 12-pack of mid-range beer.


The threat of dehydration on a moving day is accurate, so purchasing a 24-bottle water pack for $3.27 is a no-brainer. You may want a cooler ($29.94) to store them with ice ($3.48). 

Tipping your movers

Movers typically receive a tip ranging from 10% per mover for long-distance moves to 20% for a well-executed local move.

Now that we’ve covered all the basic expenses for a move to Saskatoon, it’s time to figure out the sales taxes to make this cost assessment accurate.

Don’t Forget to Add the Taxes

Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is a 6% sales tax on goods and services in Saskatchewan, making for a total tax rate of 11% with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) added. That means you’ll pay for the movers you hire, the boxes and tape you purchase, and the gas you need to reach your final destination.

How to Budget for a Move within Saskatoon

Were you considering a moving budget for your Saskatoon relocation? We’ve created a handy step-by-step guide for making a realistic moving budget that you can apply to your Saskatoon move.

We see it all the time: people not budgeting for their move, hoping on moving day, and whipping the credit card out for unseen expenses like extra bubble wrap, tape, or a post-move meal.

While making the inventory part of your budget, you can look for items you want to give away or sell.

Think about it… 

Moving less stuff will shave time and money off of the overall move. Plus, whatever you manage to sell can help finance the services and products we’ve estimated for you in this article. 

Conclusion: Start Saving to Afford Your Moving Cost in Saskatoon

Once everything is priced out, you must save money to afford your moving costs in Saskatoon. It’s possible to save money by finding used, good-quality packing supplies or friends or family to help with packing, driving, or unpacking. There are plenty of options in large Canadian cities like Saskatoon.

Perhaps you’ve identified some items that can fetch a handsome price at a yard sale or on Facebook Marketplace. Consult with Saskatoon’s Good Neighbour Guide’s section on yard sales for some guidelines on getting the most out of your second-hand sale. It’s an excellent way to make up some of the costs of the move.

Are you looking for a quote from a local Saskatoon mover? Give us a call.


Are movers in Saskatoon expensive? 

Managers in Saskatoon are less costly than movers in other major cities in Canada. The average price is $139 per hour, with a minimum order of at least two hours.

How can I afford to move to Saskatoon?

The best way to afford to move to Saskatoon is to plan for at least six months, create a moving budget, and start looking for ways to save on expenses like packing supplies.

You can also look for movers that give discounts on weekday moves during the middle two weeks of the month. Let’s Get Moving gives this kind of discount. Call us to find out more.

Are there cheap movers in Saskatoon?

Yes, there are cheap movers in Saskatoon. We know this because we see horror stories in the news: movers who are cheap upfront but charge hidden fees, cheap student movers who don’t have property damage coverage, and straight-out scam artists. 

Don’t cheap out on movers if you care about your belongings. Paying closer to the average hourly rate of $139 will save you a lot of heartbreak.