Are you moving to the Capital of Saskatchewan? Then you’ll want to know the moving costs in Regina and the surrounding areas.

A simple way to determine the cost of your move to Regina is to multiply the estimated number of hours it will take, based on your home’s size, by your movers’ hourly rate.

Professional local movers within Regina or the surrounding suburbs charge about $139 to $150 per hour, depending on home size and the number of movers. A long-distance move can cost $3,000 to over $10,000 depending on distance and home size. All these estimates are excluding taxes. 

If you’re not using professional Regina movers, you’ll need to pay for the rental truck, buy moving supplies, and rent equipment for the day.

Although moving costs in Regina are unique to each move and subject to fluctuations, there are some standard moving costs you should know about.

Here, we’ll cover the costs of hiring local professional movers, renting a truck for a DIY move, and the expense of various moving supplies in Regina. We will also break down the prices for all of these things, plus some costs you may have overlooked.

Cost of Hiring Professional Movers

Professional movers in Regina typically charge an hourly fee and to get the best rate the move should require at least 2 or 3 hours to complete. That means a small move of one hour or less could be charged a premium rate.

The table below shows the average cost of hiring movers based on property size –

Home Size Average Cost of Hiring Movers
1Bedroom Condo $1,200 – $1,500
2 Bedroom $2,000 – $3,000
3 Bedroom $2,500 – $4,000
4 Bedroom $4,000 – $6,000

Before calling local moving companies for quotes, take inventory of your belongings to determine what needs to be moved, stored, or discarded. This way, you can get more accurate estimates from at least three different movers.

Want a cost-saving tip? Bundle services and find an all-inclusive company that offers local storage spaces and junk removal at the best price for all your needs.

Cost of Renting a Moving Truck or Van in Regina

In Regina, renting a moving truck or van is a popular choice for DIY movers seeking flexibility and control. The table below will give you estimates of what will it cost to rent a moving truck or van in Regina –

Size Description Price
8’ Pickup Dorm room $19.95 (+ $0.69/km)
9’ Cargo Van

10’ Truck

Bachelor – one-bedroom $19.95 (+ $0.79/km)
15’ Truck 1-2 bedroom $29.95 (+ $0.79/km)
17-20’ Truck 2-3 bedroom $39.95 (+ $0.79/km)
26’ Truck 3-4 bedroom $49.95 (+ $0.79/km)

Additional Costs for a Local Move 

There could be a few sneaky hidden costs that we don’t want you to forget when calculating the costs for your local move within Regina or nearby cities.

1. Packing Materials

The table below shows the cost of different sizes of moving boxes and their purposes.

Size Description Price
1.5 – 6 cu. ft. Pack everything from small, fragile items in the 1.5 cubic foot box to pillows and comforters in the six cubic foot box. $2.99 – 7.99
Banker’s Box Transport and store essential files separate from your filing cabinet. $3.99
Wardrobe Box Transport the items in your closet while they remain on their hangers. $24.99
Moving Blanket Protect the sides and corners of furniture as it navigates corners and stairs. $29.99
Packing Paper Wrap delicate items to protect them while in transit. $19.99
Labels Identify items that are fragile or should not be stacked. $0.99 for 5
Dishes and Glasses Packing Kits Pack your kitchen breakables like a pro. $18.99-21.99
Packing Peanuts Fill space in boxes full of breakables for ultimate protection. $9.99-24.99
Permanent Marker Mark boxes for easy identification. $2.99 each

2. Tips for the Movers

It’s common to tip movers if they deliver good service. Depending on the quality of the moving service and how generous you feel, expect to give up to 20% as a tip to the moving team.

3. A Case of Water

Hydration is essential on moving days, and we always suggest having some bottled water ($3.99 for 24 bottles at the Golden Mile Real Canadian Superstore) on hand.

4. First Aid Kit

A personal first aid kit ($16.59 to 44.79) should be enough to address minor injuries on moving days. Bandages or cleaning solutions may come in handy for more significant injuries until the injured person can receive professional medical care.

5. Hired Help

Do you need helpers to care for your children on move day or housecleaners to tidy up after moving? Here are some other services you may need to pay for on a moving day.

Service Description Cost
Babysitting Keep the kids safe and entertained while the movers are working. $20+ per hour
Petsitting Keep pets calm and out of potential harm. $30+ per day
Housecleaning Leave your old home in immaculate condition for the new residents. $20+ per hour / $120 per day
Dinner Feed your crew and yourself. $32.99 for 2 large pizzas + 4 drinks

Now, you should know how much you’ll need to set aside for your move. But we’ve only covered the cost of products and services before taxes. Thankfully, Regina enjoys some of the lowest taxes in the country.

Saskatchewan Sales Tax is On Your Side

One factor keeping moves within Regina affordable is that the province of Saskatchewan has one of the lowest sales taxes in the country.

A Provincial Sales Tax (PST) of 6% is added to taxable goods and services in Saskatchewan, including the movers you hire and all of the supplies you purchase. With a total tax rate of 11%, residents in Regina pay less in taxes than those in neighboring provinces such as Manitoba (12%), Ontario (13%), or Nova Scotia (15%).

Conclusion: Start Calculating Your Moving Cost in Regina Early

Our best advice for your move to or within Regina is to create a moving budget as soon as possible.

Start with a packing checklist to create a comprehensive inventory. The inventory will be invaluable for determining the right truck size, the number of movers needed, and the estimated time for their services.

The more precise you are with your initial numbers and the more thoroughly you list the products and services required for your move, the more accurate your moving cost calculations will be.


Is moving around Regina expensive?

Moving around Regina is not expensive compared to major cities where movers are in higher demand, like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The lower provincial sales taxes (6%) and sales tax rate (11%) also help keep Regina competitive compared to other cities in Saskatchewan and other provinces.

Are there affordable movers in Regina?

Yes, affordable movers exist in Regina. We found the most affordable hourly rate is about $60, but beware. That price may not include fuel, property damage coverage, furniture disassembly, and reassembly.

If you want a trusted, insured, and bonded moving company in Regina that includes all of the necessities in each quote and presents less risk to your belongings, you’ll probably pay more than that. About $139 per hour for the movers, truck, travel fuel, and coverage is a much more normal price for moving professionals.

How do I create a realistic moving budget for Regina?

Creating a moving budget is one of the most intelligent first steps before planning your move. Start by taking inventory of all the items that will move. Use that to determine costs for packaging materials, truck size, number of movers, equipment rentals (dolly/hand truck, reusable moving boxes), and optional junk removal or storage. 

Don’t forget to budget for associated costs like childcare or pet care for the day, vehicle rental, hotel for overnight stays, water for you and the moving crew, and cash to tip your movers.

We also suggest calling multiple Regina moving companies to get quotes and ensure they can offer all the services you need.

How can I save money when I move to Regina?

There are several ways to save money on a move:

  • Find free, lightly used packing materials and moving boxes
  • Rent reusable moving boxes for local moves if you can’t find free boxes
  • Do the packing and unpacking yourself
  • Disassemble furniture yourself to save movers’ time

Don’t skimp on quality moving help and proper packing to ensure your belongings are well-protected during transit. If you can’t source good-quality packing materials and boxes for free, invest in new ones to avoid the risk of damaged items.