Is the moving cost in Oakville higher than elsewhere? Let’s delve into the costs of a move to one of Ontario’s most beautiful and pricey towns, Oakville.

With our 13+ years of experience in the moving industry, we can help you understand relocation costs in Oakville and ensure no surprises.

Calculating the Cost of a Local Move in Oakville

There’s lots to factor in when calculating the cost of a move to Oakville, from hiring local movers to the price of some delicious pizza and beer to indulge in once the move is done.

By outlining your costs early, you can find the best-valued local moving company, the most affordable moving supplies, and the best deals on other items you may need.

This proactive approach allows you to create a moving budget effectively and make informed decisions, reducing the stress of your move.

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive explanation of all expenses that will make you feel informed and knowledgeable about your move to Oakville.

Hiring a Local Moving Company in Oakville

Even if you’re thinking of making a DIY move, it will help to receive a few quotes from local moving companies to compare the cost of professional movers to the costs of driving yourself.

Your typical Oakville moving company charges an hourly rate of around $139 to $177 per hour for local residential moves, which includes two movers and one truck.

Look at the average cost of hiring a local moving company in Oakville

Size of home Number of movers Total Price
Bachelor/Studio 2 $500 – $800
One-bedroom 2 $525 – $900
Two-bedroom 3 $735 – $1,300
Three-bedroom 4 $1,045 – $2,600
Four-bedroom 5 $1,750 – $2,255
Five-bedroom + 5 $2,500 – $5,000+

There are many ways to save money on your move within the Town of Oakville, but one piece of advice we’d give is to not cheap out on the moving team. 

Use word-of-mouth recommendations, read reviews, and always ensure the company is covered for property damage, or the money you save could go instead toward repairs and replacements.

Hiring a Moving Truck and Moving Equipment

Now that you know the approximate price of movers in Oakville, it’s time to compare that to the cost of hiring a truck and equipment needed for a DIY moving experience.

Item Description Price
9’ Van Bachelor/studio apt $19.95 + $0.69/km
10’ Truck One-bedroom $19.95 + $0.89/km
15’ Truck Two-bedroom $29.95 + $0.89/km
20’ Truck Three-bedroom $39.95 + $0.89/km
26’ Truck Four-bedroom $49.95 + $0.89/km
Moving straps Safely move large items $7.18 – $29.98 each
Appliance Dolly Move large appliances $30/day
Handtruck Move large appliances $25/day
4-Wheel dolly Move large appliances $20/day
Work gloves Protect your hands $1/pair
Moving Blanket Protect corners from damage $29/each
Floor runner Protect floors while moving $74.99

Moving yourself can be fun and rewarding with suitable help. Ensure you include everything in your budget for a safe, injury-free moving day.

Buy Packing and Moving Supplies

You can round up enough moving boxes to satisfy your move’s needs. But you may still need to purchase some or all of your moving supplies, in which case the following table of costs is for you.

Moving Boxes, Moving Kits & Markers

Item Price
Studio/bachelor moving kit $109.99
One-bedroom moving kit $149.99
Two-bedroom moving kit $229.99
Three-bedroom moving kit $454.99
Four-bedroom moving kit $654.99
Mattress covers $14.99 – $24.99
Chair and sofa covers $14.99
Packing paper $19.99 – $39.99
“Fragile” stickers $0.99 (pack of 5)
Packing kit for dishes $21.99
Packing kit for glassware $20.99
Marker $2.99
Packing peanuts $9.99 – $24.99

Now that everything is priced out, you should feel more prepared for your move. But there are additional costs you should consider, like hiring a pet sitter for the day, getting overnight accommodations, or renting a local storage space. 

Additional Costs for a Move within Oakville

Have you considered all of the potential costs of a move around Oakville?

Whether you’re a student moving to a Sheridan College residence or a couple who is up-sizing or downsizing, there are a few items you’ll want to factor into your budget.

Item Price
Storage Space (10’ x 10’) $197 per month
Junk Removal $125 and up
Babysitter $25 per hour
Pet Sitter (overnight) $35 per pet
24 Bottles of Water $2.97
Party-size Canadian Pizza $33.50
6-pack of beer $16.50
Overnight stay at Holiday Inn & Suites $135

Now, you should be done calculating all the costs for your move to Oakville. Let’s discuss some affordable moving tips. 

How to Afford a Move in Oakville?

If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to find ways to cut costs, which can be possible by making a few adjustments to your move.

1. Free Packing Supplies

Look for free packing supplies, like cardboard boxes from friends who recently moved or nearby big box stores that remove boxes after receiving shipments. Facebook Marketplace and other social media communities might offer second-hand moving supplies for free or cheap.

2. DIY Packing and Unpacking

If hiring help from Let’s Get Moving is out of the budget, you can pack and unpack yourself. Our packing services cost $139 to $150 per hour, saving you about $250 to $770 for a two-bedroom home or up to $1,500 for a three-to-four-bedroom home.

3. Book on Weekdays

Let’s Get Moving offers our lowest prices on weekdays during the middle two weeks of any month. You can get our best prices if you are flexible with your dates.

4. Declutter and Sell Things

As you prepare to move, take the time to set aside all the items that are either junk or fit to sell or give away. Everything you offload means less stuff to move, saving you time and money. The things you sell can help to offset some of the cost of the move.

Usually, time is sacrificed in the pursuit of saving money. Giving yourself plenty of time to implement these budget-friendly tips will go a long way toward making a less costly move.

Conclusion: A Move to Oakville is Very Affordable

Moving to Oakville is more affordable if you plan, lay out your budget, and look at some sensible ways to save money.

The more time you give yourself, the more likely you’ll be to declutter and sell some items, look for free moving supplies, and pack and unpack.

The best place to start is by calling Let’s Get Moving for a moving day quote. Even if you’re on a budget, booking a professional move could be more affordable than renting a truck and paying extra for distance, gas and insurance. Our moving quotes are the best price—free.

Ready to get a quote for your Oakville move? Call us at 289-295-3144 today.


What is the cheapest way to move to Oakville?

The cheapest type of move in Oakville is a DIY move which involves loading, transporting, and unloading your items. It does not include additional services like packing, unpacking, or removing junk

How long does a move in Oakville take?

Oakville stretches between Winston Churchill Blvd. and Burloak and from Lake Ontario (Lakeshore Blvd.) to Lower Base Line Road. It’s approximately 138.94 km2  and incorporates two highway systems and many major service roads that keep traffic moving.

What are the most and least expensive neighborhoods in Oakville to move to?

The most expensive neighborhoods in Oakville to move to and live in are Old Oakville and Southeast Oakville.

The least costly neighbourhoods in Oakville are College Park, West Oak Trails, and River Oaks.

Incidentally, whether expensive or not as much so, all of the neighbourhoods in Oakville are well kept up and remarkably clean and beautiful.

Are packing supplies included in the cost of a move to Oakville?

Packing supplies are not included in a move unless you opt-in for Let’s Get Moving’s packing services.

Usually moving companies come prepared with other necessities, like dollies, hand trucks, blankets, lifting straps and any additional tools that might make your move easier.

What does junk removal cost in Oakville?

Junk removal generally costs about $18 per every cubic yard you throw out. That said, there are ways to reduce the cost. Like disposing of some waste at the Halton Waste Management site for about $10 for a load of household waste or free if it’s all hazardous waste.