The decision to relocate within Halifax or move out of the city involves various aspects, one of which is understanding the moving cost.

Over the last five years, 87% of Nova Scotia’s net population growth occurred in Halifax, which has significantly impacted moving costs in the city.

Consequently, when you begin calculating the moving cost in Halifax, you will soon realize that certain factors are more apparent than others. 

For example, hiring professional movers in Halifax is the cost you usually expect to budget for. However, relocation involves multiple hidden expenses, which are crucial when determining how much movers cost in Halifax.

You can refer to our guide to know the moving costs in Halifax that influence the relocation process. From hiring movers to packing costs to choosing the right moving company, we help you get an accurate moving cost estimate in Halifax.

Cost Breakdown for Long Distance and Local Move in Halifax

Whether you are planning for a local move or a large-scale, long-distance move, the moving checklist remains the same.

However, moving locally in Halifax and out of the city varies significantly in terms of cost. The moving distance, size of your property, and number of possessions overall influence the final relocation estimate in Halifax.

Before making a final decision, it is good to compare the costs based on the specific moving services you require from Halifax movers:

Type of move Distance Number of movers Number of hours Average Cost
Local move (Full-Service with Packing) Within Halifax and nearby areas 2 movers 4-6 hours $950-$4,400
Long-distance move (Full-Service with Packing) 1,000 to 2,500 miles 3-4 movers 1-2 days $5,170- $10,000

It is important to note that the above-mentioned costs are approximate and may change depending on factors like the volume of items, the season you choose to move, and additional services you may need.

What is the average cost of hiring local movers in Halifax?

Local movers in Halifax help you relocate within the same city and surrounding areas, usually up to 150 miles.

Calculating the local move cost is very different from long-distance moves, as local moving companies charge an hourly rate.

On average, local movers in Halifax charge between $139 and $150 per hour. This price includes service by two movers and one truck with no travel charges.

If you’re planning to move from Halifax to surrounding cities in Nova Scotia, here are the estimated average costs you can expect to pay movers:

Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Dartmouth
Studio or 1-Bedroom $450-$570
2-3 Bedrooms $620-$8,25
4-5 Bedrooms $1,570-$1,965
Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Bedford
Studio or 1-Bedroom $470-$590
2-3 Bedrooms $725-$1,020
4-5 Bedrooms $1,270-$1890
Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Truro
Studio or 1-Bedroom $570-$870
2-3 Bedrooms $725-$1,120
4-5 Bedrooms $1,270-$2,490
Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Clayton Park
Studio or 1-Bedroom $420-$870
2-3 Bedrooms $725-$1,075
4-5 Bedrooms $1,170-$2,165
Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Sydney
Studio or 1-Bedroom $980-$1,660
2-3 Bedrooms $1,025-$1,775
4-5 Bedrooms $1,500-$2,165
Average Moving Cost From Halifax to Westmount
Studio or 1-Bedroom $910-$1,750
2-3 Bedrooms $1,375-$1,875
4-5 Bedrooms $2,320-$2315

How much does a long-distance move cost from Halifax?

While local movers in Halifax charge you hourly, long-distance moving companies charge you based on the weight of your belongings and the distance from pick-up to drop-off location.

The best way to obtain an accurate cost estimation is to get a free quote, where a moving company representative considers your needs and provides an accurate, evaluated cost estimation.

Check out the table below to understand the average cost for long-distance moves based on the number of bedrooms and the total weight of the belongings to be moved over 1,000 miles.

Home/Apartment Distance/Weight of Belongings Average Cost of Relocation
1-Bedroom Apartment >500 miles/ 1800 pounds $1,880-$2,300
2-Bedroom Apartment >500 miles/2,200-3,200 pounds $2,400-$3,000
3-Bedroom Apartment >1,000 miles/5,000-6,000 pounds $5,520-$7,500
4-Bedroom Apartment >1,000 miles/9,000 pounds $7,600-$9,200

Moving Cost: Hiring Movers vs. DIY 

When deciding between hiring a moving company or choosing a DIY approach, one of the key factors to consider is the cost involved. 

Check the table below to compare both aspects in terms of the cost you can expect to pay in Halifax.

Service Hiring movers DIY moving
Cost of truck rental Included in service From $19.95 plus fuel charges, depending on size of the truck
Cost of packing supplies Included in packing service From $50 to $200, depending on the quantity and quality of supplies purchased
Labor costs Hourly rates No additional labor costs

If you’re looking to save money, it’s best to rent a truck for small, and simple moves This is especially true if you can get packing and loading help from friends and family. However, for larger or more complicated moves, it’s often worth it to hire professional movers even if it comes with extra expense.

6 Hidden Moving Costs in Halifax You Need to Know

If you hire movers to assist with your move, you may soon come across some additional moving costs you’ve never expected in the first place.

It’s no secret that getting professional moving services can drain your budget, so you should be prepared for any unpleasant financial surprises.

We’ve compiled a complete list of all unexpected moving expenses, including hidden, extra, and uncommon costs. These are expenses you might forget to consider in your budget list or not even realize you’ll have to pay.

1. Sorting and Packing

Movers know how to pack for a move well. If you choose to get professional packing services, you can rest assured that movers will do it most effectively. However, it can come at quite a hefty extra cost if it’s not included in your hourly rate.

You can expect to pay the local movers an hourly charge of $139 to $150 for packing your items. Additionally, there will be an extra cost for the packing supplies, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper, needed for the move.

On the contrary, long-distance movers in Halifax will calculate their packing costs based on the number of items that need to be packed and the nature of the belongings.

2. Pay More for Special Items

Heavy and particular items also impact the overall moving cost in Halifax. Pianos, pool tables, gym equipment, and artwork are special items that require special transportation services. This is why you can expect to pay additional costs for moving your special items.

3. Stair or Elevator fees

You can expect to pay an extra fee if there are enough flights of stairs for the movers to climb. 

This additional cost in your moving estimate compensates for the time and effort required to navigate elevators and stairs.

Hiring professional movers is a safer option and worth the cost, especially for properties with elevators. Movers will ensure the safe transportation of belongings and provide complete peace of mind during the move.

4. Extra Services

Moving companies offer a complete range of moving services to meet customers’ unique requirements. Getting services like furniture disassembly/reassembly and storage or any specific requirement will cost you extra money. It is better to consider your moving budget when choosing the services you need.

5. Check-in with your moving insurance

Insuring your items before allowing the movers to transport them is essential. You can quickly get basic protection coverage with a moving estimate. However, getting full-value protection or additional insurance comes at an extra cost.

6. Time of Relocation

Your moving cost may change depending on the season you choose to move. In Halifax, certain seasons are more popular for relocation.

Moving companies charge 35-40% more during peak relocation periods. The peak months in Halifax are from May to September, as well as weekends throughout the year, holidays, and the start and end of the month.

This means you need to be extra careful about choosing a moving date if you want to cut your moving costs.

6 Tips to Cut Your Moving Cost in Halifax

If moving costs are beyond your budget, why not find ways to make it affordable? Here are the tips that will help you in saving money during the move. 

1. Pack Yourself

Professional movers charge hourly rates to pack your belongings. They also bring their supplies, like boxes and bubble wrap, which increases the overall cost of the move.

However, you can always pack some of your belongings that do not need expert assistance, such as kitchen appliances, clothing and toys. In doing so, you can reduce the overall packing cost.

2. Flexible Moving Dates

Be flexible with your moving date. Make sure to schedule your moving on a day outside the peak moving seasons, which can reduce expenses by 40%.

3. Compare Moving Quotes

Get quotes from multiple moving companies and then compare their prices. Look for hidden charges, and spend time understanding the quotes’ terms.

4. Use Free or Recycled Packing Materials

Instead of spending money on brand-new packing materials, it is a good idea to look for free or recycled boxes. Additionally, use blankets, towels, and clothing to cushion delicate items.

5. Declutter before packing

Before packing, check your belongings and remove items you no longer require. Consider selling or donating items that you may not require in the future. This reduces the volume of items you need to move and saves you on moving truck space and labour costs.

6. Ask for help

If you have friends or family willing to help, make the most of their support. This can reduce the time spent by professional movers and the hourly rates.


Moving, whether local or long-distance, comes with various expenses in Halifax. It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of these relocation costs to effectively budget and prepare for your move.

While hiring professional movers may result in higher costs, their convenience and support outweigh the DIY approach. The key is to find the right movers who offer both competitive pricing and quality service to ensure a smooth relocation experience in Halifax.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost of Hiring Movers in Halifax

How can I select the right mover in Halifax?

To choose the right moving company in Halifax, look for one with a physical location and transparent pricing. Before deciding, ask the right questions, check Google reviews and the company’s online presence for feedback from previous customers.

What is not covered by the insurance provided by the moving companies in Halifax?

Movers in Halifax do not usually cover broken items, antiques, or fragile items not packed and unpacked by them. Additionally, jewelry and precious stones are other items that are not covered due to the risk of loss or damage.

How will I be charged for packing?

The packing cost in Halifax is based on the number of boxes packed by the moving companies.

To get an accurate packing estimate from movers, it is essential to prepare a concise list of what you want to be packed. In case you have any special requirements around how you want certain items to be packed, communicate well with the movers.

Are there any items that moving companies won’t move?

Movers in Halifax will not move flammable items, propane tanks, aerosol cans, jewelry, cash, liquid detergents or any other item that may cause damage.

How can I find affordable moving services in Halifax?

Compare quotes from different moving companies to find budget-friendly moving services in Halifax. Try to schedule your move during off-peak seasons for moving companies for potential cost savings.

How can the distance affect my moving expenses in Halifax?

The distance of your move has a significant role in determining moving costs. Local movers within Halifax typically incur lower costs compared to long-distance moves.

What is the best season to move in Halifax to save on costs?

Most moving companies in Halifax offer discounted prices during winter due to the lower demand. We recommend you book your move well in advance, which will help you secure better rates.

Do I need insurance for my belongings during a move in Halifax?

While most moving companies in Halifax offer basic insurance coverage, we recommend considering additional insurance for your valuable items. You can discuss insurance options with your chosen moving company to ensure your items are protected.