With its proximity to the GTA, affordable homes in suburban neighbourhoods, and a high standard of living, beautiful Barrie, Ontario, offers a unique blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquillity. These factors make it an attractive destination for those seeking a change of scenery.

Barrie’s growing popularity keeps local Barrie movers busy year-round. But what does it cost to hire good movers here or a DIY move, and what other costs should you consider while creating a moving budget?

We cover that and more in this article.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Good Local Barrie Movers?

If you are moving locally, from one Barrie neighbourhood to another, you will likely pay an hourly fee of about $139 – $150 for two residential movers plus one truck. That includes distance travelled, fuel, and coverage for property damage.

Home size Cost
Studio – one-bedroom $650 – $1,000
1-2 bedroom $1,250 – $2,000
2-3 bedroom $1,750 – $4,000
3-4 bedroom $3,500 – $6,000+

Additional Services Offered by Moving Companies

That’s just for a basic move, but many moving companies also provide additional moving services to make your move as hands-off as possible. Let’s Get Moving can even move special items, like grand pianos and pool tables, for an additional cost.

You can have us haul away your junk or temporarily store your items in a storage facility. We can even pack and unpack your belongings conveniently, so you barely have to lift a finger.

Let’s dive further into the costs associated with moves within Barrie, Ontario.

Renting a Moving Truck in Barrie for a DIY Move

Some people like to do everything by themselves. So, they will rent a moving truck for a simple move in Barrie. Also, it makes sense to explore your options if you’re on a budget.

Here is the typical cost of renting a moving truck in Barrie for the day.

Truck Size Home Size Price

9′ – 10’ 

Cargo Van

Apartment – 1 bedroom / Studio / Deliveries $19.95

plus $0.69/kilometre

15 ‘ Truck 1 Bedroom Home to 2 Bedroom Apt. $29.95

plus $0.89/kilometre

17′ Truck

Home up to 2 bedrooms $29.95

plus $0.89/kilometre

20’ Truck 2 Bedroom Home to 3 Bedroom Apt. $39.95

plus $0.89/kilometre

26’ Truck 3 Bedroom Home to 4 Bedroom Home $49.95

plus $0.89/kilometre

According to the U-Haul website, the 9’ and 17’ vehicles are their most popular sizes for Barrie moves.

Remember that fuel is not included in your truck rental price, and you may need to pay for insurance and extra mileage. Always read your moving truck rental agreement before signing.

Additional Costs for Most Moves in Barrie, Ontario

Now you know your essential costs, whether hiring movers or renting a truck. But you’ll want to factor in these additional costs to understand your expenses accurately. Only then can you look at innovative ways to cut some of those costs and save money on your move to Barrie, Ontario.

Here are some of the most common additional costs for moves in Barrie. This table will give you a good idea of what additional services you need and how much they cost. 

Additional Services Price
Junk removal services $150 – $350
Storage services (monthly) $240 – $570 (depending on weight of belongings)
First aid kit $14.94
24 bottles of water $2.97
Two pizzas + salad from Jimmy Chew’s $59.99
6 Beers (to go with the pizza) $16
One-night stay at a hotel $91
Babysitter (per hour) $25
Overnight pet sitting (per pet) $35

Your costs will vary based on your needs. You must account for every possible expense to avoid being caught off guard and ensure safety on your moving day.

How to Save on a Move in Barrie, Ontario?

Handling your move yourself is one way to save money, but other ways to cut corners may still allow you to hire movers.

1. Move on a Weekday

Did you know that Let’s Get Moving offers special moving day rates on weekdays during the middle two weeks of any month of the year? Call Let’s Get Moving Barrie to book a move in the middle of the week and enjoy pocket-friendly prices. 

2. Find Freebie Packing Supplies

This one’s a no-brainer. If you have big box stores in your area or Facebook Marketplace, you can probably find many cardboard boxes for free. You may also be able to find additional packing supplies, like sacks of packing peanuts, wrapping paper (newspaper works, too!), and moving blankets.

3. DIY Packing and Unpacking

It will cost you time, but packing and unpacking will save you from paying extra for these services. A room-by-room packing checklist makes unpacking easy by keeping track of what’s packed in each room.

One thing to remember is that your packing supplies are included in a packing and moving service. If you do your packing, you may need to shell out for the same high-quality packing supplies.

4. Declutter

Decluttering is an underrated way to save on moving. The less stuff you have, the less time it will take to move, so you spend less on movers. You could even go from needing a three-mover team to just two.

5. Hold a Garage Sale

Since you’re decluttering, you might as well look for items of value that you can sell in a garage sale or online.

This is another good use for Facebook Marketplace, where you can sell your items or swap them for moving supplies like tape guns, moving straps, or a roll of bubble wrap.

As you can see, there are several ways to make an affordable move within Barrie. Once you start preparations for your move, you may find even more ways to save.

What Do You Get for the Cost of Moving to Barrie?

If you’re a nature lover, value spacious living, and appreciate access to excellent schools and local institutions, the cost of moving to Barrie will be worthwhile.

Barrie, a city situated at the head of Kempenfelt Bay, graces the western edge of Lake Simcoe. Located in Simcoe County, Barrie is surrounded by the municipalities of Oro-Medonte, Springwater, Essa, and Innisfil.

The largest employers in Barrie and the surrounding area include Georgian College, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, the Canadian Forces Base Borden, Casino Rama, and Honda Canada Manufacturing. Many people also live in Barrie and commute to jobs in downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

With good, stable jobs, plenty of green space and proximity to water and forests, it’s no wonder people see the high value of moving to Barrie.

Conclusion: It’s Worth It to Move to Barrie

Consider the cost of moving to Barrie as an investment in your future, whether that means better employment, more square footage on a home for your buck, or just a little more fresh air; this town is hard to beat.

If you follow our advice on making an inventory of your items, obtaining an accurate quote from Let’s Get Moving Barrie, and staying on budget, you’ll get a little more enjoyment out of your moving day—a day that people tend to dread.


What is the most expensive part of a move to Barrie, Ontario?

The most expensive part of a move to Barrie would be the professional movers you hire. For at least $139 per hour with a minimum number of hours for service, a local move could cost you between $650 to $3500 depending upon the size of your porperty. 

Expect the most significant percentage of your moving budget to go to movers and additional services, such as packing, unpacking, and junk removal. 

What neighbourhoods are included in a local move in Barrie?

Local moves in Barrie include but aren’t limited to the following neighbourhoods: Letitia Heights, Little Lake, Holly, Minet’s Point, Cundles, Painswick, Saint Pauls, Tollendal, and Bayshore Estates.

It also includes some of Barrie’s hottest real estate ‘hoods, such as 400 North, Sandford, South Shore, Bayfield, and West Bayfield.

What are the most and least costly neighbourhoods in Barrie to move to?

Hands down, the most expensive neighbourhoods in Barrie include the following: Innis-Shore, Allandale, South Shore, Edgehill Drive, Painswick, and East End. For upscale living, we suggest starting with those neighbourhoods.

How much does it cost to change my address when I move to Barrie?

Changing your address on government IDs doesn’t cost anything like your driver’s license. However, having mail forwarded from your old address to your new address in Barrie costs $95.25 – $275.25 for a year of service from Canada Post.

What is there to do in Barrie, Ontario?

There’s plenty to do with a day off in Barrie. Suppose you have family visiting you for the first time. In that case, you might spend the morning browsing the Antiques Centre, having a picnic lunch in Centennial Park, and going on a tour with tastings at the much-loved Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery.

Is Barrie, Ontario, an expensive place to live?

It wasn’t always so, but the City of Barrie certainly shows signs of being a popular place to live. According to a new report, it is now one of Canada’s ten most expensive rental markets.