A little over 100,000 inhabitants means not too many, not too little. Still, Woodbridge offers a good share of opportunities for people of all ages. Not to mention its proximity to Toronto, which makes it a good choice of place to live in. We put together this short list of things that are useful to know before you decide to move to Woodbridge.

You can feel the proximity to Toronto

It takes a few minutes of driving or riding the bus to get from Woodbridge to Toronto. And this proximity has put its mark on Woodbridge. The prices are similar to the ones in Toronto, but you also have a lot of opportunities when it comes to work and schools.

Woodbridge has some good schools

Which brings us to the second point. There are, indeed, good schools in Woodbridge. From daycare to higher education, you can find good school institutions here. But if nothing is exactly your cup of tea, you can commute to Toronto easily daily once you move to Woodbridge.

Buying a house here might be a great idea

Real estate prices in Woodbridge are similar to Toronto. And so are most prices, to be honest. But with a continuously growing market, buying a house of any kind here in Woodbridge is a medium-term investment. If you want the benefits of Toronto without the hassle and high density of population, Woodbridge might be a good choice of place to move to. If you are thinking of moving to Woodbridge then you can hire Toronto Movers and enjoy hassle-free relocation. 

These are the first things you need to know before you decide to move to Woodbridge that came to our mind. Contact a real estate agent to get help finding the best home for you, whether you plan to rent or buy a house in Woodbridge. And if you need Woodridge movers, Let’s Get Moving is here for you with professional services at affordable prices. Call today and Let’s Get Moving to Woodbridge!