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Things to know before you decide to move to Vaughan

Things to know before you decide to move to Vaughan

The city of Vaughan is a lovely place to live in, regardless of your age and status. Don’t believe us, but consider its 320,000 inhabitants. All these people can’t be wrong. We put together the most useful things you need to know before you think of moving to Vaughan.

The quality of life is very high

Vaughan offers its citizens a high quality of life consisting of reasonable costs of living, cleanliness, a proper public transport system, modern healthcare, and lots of options for spending your free time. With plenty of job opportunities and also a space in proximity to Toronto, Vaughan is a great place to live, regardless if you work here or in Toronto.

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Vaughan has very good schools

Vaughan has plenty of good educational institutions, from public to private schools for children of all ages. Toronto with its prestigious universities is 23 kilometres away, and Vaughan also offers good options for post-secondary education. Besides, the streets are safe and your kids will find it easy to commute from one place to another, even if they are alone. If you are looking to relocate from Toronto then there are lots of moving companies in Toronto that you can hire. 

Buying a house here might be a great idea

Whether you decide to change your job for one in Vaughan or get a job in Toronto, living in Vaughan definitely has a lot of benefits. The real estate and rent prices are affordable, with a significant difference between them and the ones in Toronto. If you don’t mind the less hectic lifestyle, this city is for you. 

Are you still waiting for something? 🙂 These are the only really important things you need to know before you decide to move to Vaughan. If you need affordable professional movers in Vaughan, look no further. Let’s Get Moving has very good hourly rates and offers impeccable packing, moving, and storage services. Book an appointment as soon as possible!

#Vaughan Guides

5 things to do in Vaughan

5 things to do in Vaughan

Forget the joke saying the best thing you can do in Vaughan is go to Toronto. The city actually has a lot to offer for people of all ages! 

Here are 5 things to do in Vaughan.

Visit Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Premiere Amusement Park has about a little something for everyone! Children and adults can have a lot of fun at this Wonderland, for hours. The longest and fastest dive rollercoaster in the world is here, and aside from it, you have 70 more rides to choose from. Should you come here with children, they have playgrounds and rides specially designed for them. The downside to this place is it might not be easy to want to leave it.

Shop at the Mills

The Vaughan Mills is a large shopping center combining outlets and entertaining venues. The world’s most renowned brands are here for you, the food court offers delicious food from all over the place, and if you are lucky you can even attend some concerts or other events taking place here. P.S.: The façade is very picture-friendly.

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Build at the Legoland

No, this place is not only for children. Let’s admit we are mostly taking our kids to Legoland so that we can play with Lego, too. A huge indoor playground with lots to see or do, that will become one of your kid’s favorite places in the city.

Taste some good beer

…but not anywhere: at the brewery. Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. offers nice tours and excellent craft beer for all tastes. Whether you like IPA, ALE, or the classic Pilsner, if you are in Vaughan you definitely must stop by for a cold one.

Go see the lizards

The Reptilia Zoo and Education Centre in Vaughan is the perfect place to go to if you like reptiles. Even if you don’t, there are so many things to see and learn there, you will not regret taking a couple of hours to visit it. Besides, your kid will absolutely love this place.

There sure are way more than 5 things to do in Vaughan. Why not make this place your home? Schedule your move with movers in Toronto several weeks in advance during the slower season to ensure availability and potentially get a discount.

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