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Things to know before you move to Richmond Hill

Things to know before you move to Richmond Hill

A dynamic and constantly developing city, Richmond Hill has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. From great naturecape to thousands of job offers, this place has them all. We prepared a list of tips and tricks and things to know before you decide to move to Richmond Hill.

It is the perfect place to seek for a job

Are you worrying you will not find a good job here? With 73,000 jobs offered by the 4,800 companies in the city, Richmond Hill sounds like a place for everyone. Regardless of your skills and experience, most likely there is something out there for you.

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Richmond Hill has very good schools

Not only does it have many primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, but Richmond Hill is also famous for producing very good pupils. They score higher than other children in the country on the national tests, so this is quite impressive. Sounds like things will go great for your child here.

Buying a house in Richmond Hill could be a great idea

Lots of houses to choose from, lots of neighborhoods to choose from, and lots of diversity on all levels.  Richmond Hill is a great place for buying a house, having very good prices and a very large palette of options. So if you are convinced to move then hire our moving company in Toronto to help you in moving.  

This was just about a complete list of things that you need to know before you make the big move and relocate to Richmond Hill. Need professional Richmond Hill movers and packers to help you out? Let’s Get Moving is exactly what you are looking for. And we are here for you, just one e-form away. Get in touch with us now!

#Richmond Hill Guides

5 things to do in Richmond Hill

5 things to do in Richmond Hill

A city that has the word “rich” in its name cannot be anything around unimpressive. Richness, in this case, is all about education, nature, and positive energy. A strong economy, as well, but that is not the point of this article. Here you have a list of 5 ideas of things you can do in Richmond Hill.

Relax by the lake

Although it has a few gardens and parks for its citizens to enjoy, probably the best place for relaxing outdoors is the Wilcox Lakeshore. Waterpark, splash pond, BBQ area, trails, a large waterbody, and plenty of animals and birds to sit aside and watch. This place is ideal for people of all ages and one can never get bored of coming here.

Go to a concert

The Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts is an excellent concert venue. Stylish and elegant, is the best place to go to for a jazz concert or for some classical music. They also organize all kinds of shows here, so make sure you are updated on their events agenda.

New buildings in Richmond Hill

Enjoy some art

The Mill Pond Gallery is a perfect place to go to in order to enjoy some good art. You can find a lot of paintings there and even take some home with you, or you can attend the cultural and artistic events organized here: exhibitions, workshops, classes, open studio times, and many more.

Taste some delicious sweets

Not only that but hang out at the weaving studio or the pottery studio while doing that! The Burr House Craft Gallery and Tea Room in Richmond Hill are great places to enjoy some homemade sweet goodies while learning a little something about two vintage crafts.

Look at the stars

The David Dunlap Observatory is open to the public and has a lot of experts setting up the telescopes. With the maximum precision possible, you get to look at the moon, Saturn, Mars, the Milky Way, and countless stars. Did you make a wish yet?

Are you convinced now that this is a great place? The list is longer, these 5 things are not the only things you can do in Richmond Hill. Plus they have lots of jobs and good education to provide, so why not move here? Our Toronto Movers will be happy to offer you a free estimate for your move, to convince you of our affordable rates.

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