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Things to know before you decide to move to Pickering

Things to know before you decide to move to Pickering

Pickering may not be such a large city but is not at all as boring as the jokes go. All the contrary. This place is dynamic and full of energy, but without being hectic at all. Things are very well-adjusted here, so here is what you need to know before you think of moving to Pickering.

It offers a lot of jobs

The official numbers reach up to around 35,000 jobs, out of which a few thousand are available. You can transit to Toronto for work anytime with your car or by public transport, but you can still find well-paid jobs in Pickering if you search for them.

Pickering has very good schools

The city offers a few dozen schools to choose from, which is quite impressive. Both public and private, the schools available are spread all around the city, so wherever you live in Pickering, it will be easy to take your children to a school close to your home.

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Buying a house in Pickering might be a great idea

With very low prices compared to Toronto, Pickering is a great choice to start a relaxed and peaceful life, alone or together with your family. The city is overall affordable and you can easily find very good houses and apartments in Pickering. And you can also find professional movers in Toronto working for very good hourly rates. These things are about all you need to know before you decide to move to Pickering. Book a move to Pickering with Pickering movers and we will manage everything impeccably!

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5 things to do in Pickering

5 things to do in Pickering

Yes, there are many jokes about how Pickering doesn’t exist, how it doesn’t show on the map, etc. But just take a short trip here and you will see how this might have been a conspiration of the locals to prevent sharing their goodies with others. Just saying. Things are looking good here, so we prepared a list of the top 5 to do in Pickering.

Take the waterfront trail

Ideal for hiking, running, and cycling, for children, adults, and dogs, the Pickering waterfront trail is one of the best places to go to for a deep connection with nature. Very clean, well maintained, and with smooth asphalt that will be a pleasure to ride and run on. Definitely a to-visit place during summer.

Visit the Museum Village

The Pickering Museum Village is the largest history museum in the whole Durham region. 18 heritage buildings serve as props for actors who re-enact scenes from way back when. The museum not only has homes but also a school, a blacksmith, a store, a hotel, and a chapel.

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Shop at the Pickering Markets

If you enjoy flea markets, this place is for you. This is your usual flea market, with great food and lots of stuff to buy from other people. Find some nice decorations for your home or get some vintage household items. Needless to say, the prices are as low as it gets.

Go to the marina

The marina in Pickering is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy on the lake shore, follow the boats for as much as the horizon line allows you to, and stay until sunset to be delighted by the most breathtaking views! There are some food trucks with goodies around, should you feel the need for some snacks.

Play with the animals

The Wild Things Petting Farm is the dream of any animal lover. Play with the birds and animals of all kinds they have here and go back home feeling your endorphins rise up to the sky! Chicken, rabbits, ducks, goats, sheep, guinea pigs – all are here at the farm, just waiting to be petted.

Move to Pickering with Pickering Movers and you will discover by yourself more than these 5 things to do. Let’s Get you a free estimate and then Let’s Get Moving to Pickering!

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