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Things to know before you decide to move to North York

Things to know before you decide to move to North York

What could we say in order to convince you that North York is a great place to live in? We did write down a few lines about this district, to give you a general idea. But the truth is there are not many things to know about North York before you decide to move there. Just believe the almost one million people who already made this decision.

The district is constantly developing

Are you thinking of moving to North York? Well, North York has almost 1,000,000 inhabitants of all ages. When talking about this many people and the large cultural diversity there is in North York, you can bet the place offers a little something for everyone. Whether talking about infrastructure, employment opportunities, housing, and leisure time, North York always moves forward, at high speed.

North York has some very good schools

If you are moving to North York together with your family, this aspect might really interest you. North York offers a lot of great opportunities when it comes to schooling. You can find everything you want for your child here – or you can always hop on the train and transit to another district if you want a certain school. We remind you that the transport system is also very up to date, therefore transiting daily will not be an issue.

Buying a house in North York might be a great idea

North York is under continuous development. New building complexes are built here every year, making the real estate market very dynamic and competitive. The prices tend to increase every year since we are talking about Toronto, after all. This way, investing in real estate could be a really profitable long-term strategy.

Either way, these are about the main things that are good to know before you decide to move to North York. All the others are details. And one more thing: if you need professional Toronto movers to help you relocate to North York, Let’s Get Moving is only two clicks away. We can even offer professional packing services if you don’t have the time or the energy to pack for your move. Give North York movers a call now and Let’s Get Moving to North York!

#North York Guides#Toronto Moving Tips

5 things to do in North York

5 things to do in North York

How about visiting North York at some point in the near future? It is one of Toronto’s districts and, having a population of almost one million, you can bet there is a lot to enjoy here! Keep reading to discover our choice of 5 best things to do in North York.

Visit the Pioneer Village

The Black Creek Pioneer Village is a historic site that will take you back to the old days for an authentic history lesson. Move around and discover the 35 restored buildings in a surrounding where time seems to have stopped. It is open seasonally, so make sure to visit at the right time.

Check out some amazing plants

The Botanical Garden of North York showcases hundreds of plant species from all over the world. They have many indoor and outdoor activities organized on a frequent basis. From nature day camps to farmers’ markets, this botanical garden will offer you the biology education you never even dreamed of while you were in school!

Relax at the pool

Of course, you can always go to one of the North York waterparks for an afternoon. But what if the pool was all yours for an afternoon? The City of Toronto Pools offers you this opportunity, so don’t miss the chance to organize the most awesome party ever at one of the indoor and outdoor pools. If you are looking to move from Toronto then check reviews and ask for references to ensure you choose reputable movers in Toronto with a proven track record.

Take the family to the science centre

The Ontario Science Centre provides a sheer amount of hands-on activities for the entire family. The kids will most likely find this place amazing. Learn about electricity, nature, physics and many more by engaging in experiments! You will never get bored of coming to the centre again and again.

Get inspired at the Edwards Gardens

If poetry could be transposed into visual elements, it would look like any corner of Edwards Gardens. This place is an oasis of breathtaking views: plants of all kinds, combined aesthetically and trimmed properly. All shapes and sizes of both exotic and average plants are here, mixed with inspiration and creativity. You will relax here better than anywhere else.

This was just our top 5 list of things to do in North York. But the truth is there are a lot of things to discover. Whether you move to North York or simply come visit, the district offers a lot of leisure time options for people of all ages.

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