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Things to know before you decide to move to Milton

Things to know before you decide to move to Milton

Offering a little something for everyone, Milton is a city that never stops growing. Definitely one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing in Canada. Let’s Get Moving – Milton Movers has made a list of things to know before you decide to move to Milton.

The city keeps growing

While in 2016, Milton had a population of around 110,000, the number is expected to become double by 2031! This place is continuously growing at a really fast pace. This means all sectors are offering and competitive at the same time. This applies to schools, health, real estate, private businesses, etc.

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Milton has very good schools

Almost ¾ of the people in the force field in Milton have completed post-secondary education. That is quite a lot. No wonder, because Milton has some very good schools! These are some useful things for you to know before you actually decide to move to Milton because if you want to raise a family there, a good and modern school system is something you want to consider.

Buying a house in Milton might be a great idea

The real estate market in Milton is a gigantic offer to choose from. Many of the houses are affordable and come in many sizes and styles. New buildings are being built every year, so the offer is pretty much unlimited for the following years. Besides, moving to Milton has never been easier! Book an online appointment and get ready to leave all the stress of the move in the hands of Toronto Movers: Let’s Get Moving!

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5 things to do in Milton

5 things to do in Milton

The constantly developing city of Milton has loads to offer! With its continuous growth and with a bigger population year after year, the city never lets you get bored! We made a quick list of 5 best things to do in Milton.

Sit back and enjoy nature

With countless conservation areas featuring lakes, woods, and huge biodiversity, you will never get bored in nature! You can climb rocks, boat on the lake, hike, jog, ride a bike, or just go on a picnic or a slow, relaxing walk. The city is your oyster… and it’s one decorated with all the greens!

Go on the railway

Take half a day to ride the old trains of Milton and experience life in the old days! Okay, maybe not 100% like in the old days, but you will still get to see how the train station used to look and how the interior of the trains was. Do we smell nostalgia in here?

Ski in Eden

In Glen Eden, that is. You will love this place during wintertime. The hills are for all levels, the instructors are very fun to work with, and the hot chocolate they sell in the cafes there is absolutely incredible! The place is right next to Milton, so you can get there by car in no time.

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Taste some local beer

Milton has a lot of great craft beer pubs to choose from. Small tip: whenever you go in one, ask for the house special. You will not regret this. Besides, the places are relatively small and cozy, and it will be a pleasure to hang out with a friend in these pubs, over a cold one.

Improve your Instagram

Want to really boost your Instagram with awesome shots? Check out the Terre Bleu Lavender Farms! Every corner of this place looks like a postcard. With purple and green shades everywhere and with a delicious, fresh scent in the air, this will probably become one of your favorite places in the city.

Milton has a bit to offer to everyone in order to satisfy their needs. Definitely, more than 5 things to do in Milton. The city is under continuous growth and you can feel that everywhere you go!? We have a free estimate for you while you still think about it. Before booking Movers in Toronto make sure they are licensed and insured in order to operate legally within the city.

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