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Things to know before you decide to move to Kitchener

Things to know before you decide to move to Kitchener

First of all, you should really consider the fact that the 240,000 people living in Kitchener must know something. Otherwise, they could find some other places. Kitchener is an incredible place to move to, being all dynamic and full of opportunities. Here are some of the most useful things you should know before you decide to move all the way to Kitchener.

It is constantly growing

When it comes to real estate and to job offers, Kitchener is under continuous development. More and better houses and jobs emerge year after year, making the city a good choice for moving. With a constantly decreasing unemployment rate and affordable houses, Kitchener is probably exactly what you have been looking for. So if you are living in Toronto and are looking to relocate to Toronto then hiring a local moving company in Toronto is a feasible option. 

Kitchener has lots of schools to choose from

If you want to move to Kitchener together with your loved ones, you should know the city has a lot of schools. Private and public elementary and secondary schools, as well as high schools, are there for you. Whichever your preferences, the city has a solution for them. Chances are the best solution is very close to your home.

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Buying a house in Kitchener might be a great idea

Whether you move alone or together with family or a partner, there is something in Kitchener for you, too. There are plenty of new houses to choose from and they are mostly affordable. Besides, you will easily find a job here, considering how many there are on the market. You will not regret moving here.

There are not really any other important things that you should know before you decide to move to Kitchener. Get looking for a new place in Kitchener right away! And when you find it, we will help you pack quicker and easier than you could ever imagine. Let’s Get Moving to Kitchener!


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5 things to do in Kitchener

5 things to do in Kitchener

A city of almost a quarter of a million inhabitants sure offers some entertainment. You can bet it really reaches up to the level of the expectations. Here you have a list of 5 top things to do while in Kitchener.


You read that right, THEMUSEUM. This place is as far as possible from your average museum. Science, history, curiosities, and nature, are all combined in an interactive museum. They feature fresh content and relevant exhibits, in a mixture that is perfectly suitable both for adults and children.

Live in the past

Well, not literally, for that is not a good thing to do. But do live in the shoes of our ancestors, at least for a few hours. You can choose between Doon Heritage Village and the Schneider Haus National Historic Site. Or you could just visit both, mostly since they have different exhibits and kind of a different structure.

Have a cold one

Kitchener has loads of craft breweries to choose from. Taste some good and fresh local beer and cider, in welcoming pubs full of cheerful employees. Whenever you feel like having a small break from whatever you are doing, find the nearest craft brewery and ask for their house specialties. You will not regret it.

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Connect with nature

Kitchener has a lot of parks and natural areas where you can enjoy a peaceful connection with nature. Stillwaters, trees, hiking paths, and other outdoor gems are there to be discovered. This is probably one of the best ways to relax, and it will help escape the busy lifestyle and the crowded spaces.

Visit the Waterloo Region Museum

The biggest community museum in Waterloo is Ken Seiling. It showcases ”over 12,000 years of history in Waterloo Region”, as the museum describes itself. Impressive exhibits and an authentic history and anthropology lesson are designed for audiences of all ages.

Kitchener is a dynamic and continuously growing community in the Waterloo Region, with plenty of opportunities when it comes to both work and leisure. Given its affordable prices and low unemployment rate, the city is a great place to live in. 

It’s a good idea to get an in-home estimate from Toronto movers so you know exactly what the costs will be beforehand. We will gift you with a free estimate while at it.

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