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Things to know before you decide to move to Innisfil

Things to know before you decide to move to Innisfil

Having a population of around 36,000, Innisfil is one of the peaceful, quiet towns out there. Positioned in a geographically convenient area and with plenty of nature around, the town is a great choice when it comes to moving. We documented and came up with this list of things to know before you decide to move to Innisfil.

It is a small, yet active town

Do not let yourself be fooled by the peaceful appearance! Innisfil is quite active, despite its small size and population. Horse races, car races, sports, boating, and many more can be found here. There is always some fun activity to enjoy in Innisfil, whether you are old and young, single, or with a family.

They have good schools

If you worry about your child’s education, stop doing it now. Innisfil has good schools and daycares to choose from. And if you want something else, you can always hop in a car and drive your kids to a school in one of the neighboring towns. If your job is still in Toronto, you can also enroll the kids in a good school there. The choice is yours, but you have plenty to choose from.

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Buying a house in Innisfil can be a great idea

As small as it is, Innisfil has a lot to offer. The housing prices here are cheaper than in Toronto and in many of the surrounding towns. Choose from the many houses available and enjoy large spaces with green yards, suitable for you and your family. There are a lot of moving companies in Innisfil that will help you in moving to this beautiful place. 

Are you still not convinced? If you need to know more things before you decide to move to Innisfil, contact Innisfil Movers once you are ready! You can check for an estimate on our website and then fill out the booking form, to make sure your preferred date is available.

#Innisfil Guides

5 things to do in Innisfil

5 things to do in Innisfil

A small town like Innisfil always has a lot of hidden gems and there are many things to do here – we chose only 5. Once you discover them, you will love this place. If you have some time to explore the place carefully once you move there, you will never get bored again.

Relax at the beach park

The Innisfil Beach Park might just be the best option when it comes to relaxing on a free afternoon. Right on the shore of Lake Simcoe, the place offers a beach and some nice swimming places, picnic spots, a small trail, and the opportunity to boat and jet ski. Ideal for kids and the elderly, as well.

Get yourself some nice antiques

The town of Innisfil has plenty of antique stores to choose from. With a little something for everyone, the stores are like a giant treasure box of vintage items. Move away your living room decorations and replace them with some classy objects from here! The prices are also adapted for all budgets if you are just patient enough to look carefully.

Innisfil Beach Park

Attend some car races

Sunset International Speedway in Innisfil is a motorsports facility open for race fans all around Ontario. The place has produced some of the best car racers in Canada in the past 50 years. Go check out some car races in Innisfil and have a chat with the pilots afterward! This is something you can only do in a few places in Ontario.

Relax and play at the Georgian Downs

Mainly a place for gambling, the Georgian Downs in Innisfil also offers horse tracks. Whether or not you are into these things, it is an experience you want to go through at least once The horses racing here are very well taken care of and the overall experience is quite relaxing.

Enjoy live performances

The South Simcoe Theatre in Innisfil is a great place to go to for live performances. Local and national artists come here for theater plays, concerts, and any other kind of show. Everything takes place in a historic, classy building, and you can also purchase some refreshments and baked goodies before going in.

Innisfil is a quiet and peaceful town, yet it is anything but boring! And you will find more than our selection of 5 things to do in Innisfil. With places to go to on free weekends and afternoons, Innisfil is a great place to live. 

If you want to move there, Innisfil Movers from Let’s Get Moving can offer a free move estimate. 🙂 When hiring Toronto movers, be sure to ask about their insurance policies in case anything gets broken during the move.

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