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Things to Know Before You Decide to Move to Aurora

Things to Know Before You Decide to Move to Aurora

If you are coming to Aurora from a bigger city with the intention of making it your new home, there are definitely some differences. But even if you are very used to city life and think you cannot live without it, you are probably going to give up on it with no regrets. Come on over here and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and slower, relaxed lifestyle! 

Here is a short list of the top three most useful things to know and consider before you decide to move to the peaceful Aurora.

You got to take it slow

Aurora has a population of less than 60,000 sharing an area of 49.85 km2. Being surrounded by nature and having a rather reduced density of population, Aurora is a great place to live in. This, of course, if you prefer the quiet cities and a slightly slowed-down lifestyle.

When planning a move in Aurora, hire only professional Aurora movers to safely transport your belongings to your new home or office.

There is high-quality education here

Worried that your kids might not get the best education in Aurora? Worry not! The public and private schools in town provide excellent education to kids of all ages. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to a school for your kid, chances are Aurora can cover them. 

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Buying a house in Aurora might be the best idea

Many houses here in Aurora have large front yards or back yards, which is definitely a huge bonus. Houses are in the majority of cases affordable and you don’t have to compromise on your regular leisure activities, since you can enjoy them all while in here, too. As small as it is, Aurora can offer you anything you wish for, PLUS peacefulness and safety. Have we mentioned it was ranked 19 out of 219 in the “best places to live in Canada”, in 2019?

There are no more relevant and important things for you to know before you decide to move to Aurora, but you can continue the research if you want. Add to the research list a free estimate from reliable Toronto movers. After that, it is all uphill. An appointment is one e-form away and Canada’s favorite movers are ready for you, so Let’s Get Moving to Aurora!

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5 Things to do in Aurora

5 Things to do in Aurora

How about exploring the quieter areas of the York region? Aurora is a great place to start with! Move away from Toronto, head North and you will discover a small town where nature is as comfortable as you will be. Here is a list of 5 fun things for you to do in Aurora.

Visit the Aurora Historical Society & Hillary House

Are you an admirer of the Victorian era, with its impressive buildings and fancy outfits? Then the Aurora Historical Society & Hillary House is the place for you. The artifacts and building itself are impressive, to begin with, and the guide’s stories are even better. Learn about the history of the house and its inhabitants and feel like a true Victorian!

Take a walk through the Arboretum

Nature always has its blessings to share, and the Aurora Arboretum is a great place to experience them! Reconnect with nature in this maze filled with trees, flowers, fruits, and birds! Move your attention away from the city to the amazing colours of the Arboretum and you will refill your body and mind with positive energy and good vibes.

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Take the trail to downtown Newmarket

Or, if you are one of the sporty kind, hop on your bike and take a ride on the trail! Or do your weekly jogging on the trail or take a relaxing walk. Whatever works better for you.

Take your kids to the UrbanPark Playland

Especially when the weather is not on your side, grab kids by the hand and bring them here! This place offers a great, safe environment for kids to play in and waste their energy! You can also organize parties for them at UrbanPark, and you can rest assured that the employees are taking great care of the little ones.

Check out the Canadian Moments Mural

The street mural on Wellington, at the Yonge intersection, is a small piece of illustrated history. It never gets old and one never gets tired of seeing it. Move your attention from whatever you are doing while there and focus on the details of the mural. It is totally worth it.

Aurora is for sure not one of the most touristic places out there, although it does have its magic. And there are so many more than 5 things to do in Aurora. However, this is absolutely a great place to live in, being very close to Toronto and super family-friendly. And why not move here? While you consider this, here is where you can get a free estimate for your move from Toronto Movers.

After you make up your mind, book a quick appointment with Aurora Movers, and off we go, Let’s Get Moving to Aurora!

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