Small and peaceful, yet full of opportunities. You will cancel your plans of traveling to Toronto during weekends if you discover what Thornhill has to offer. Looking for 5 things to do in Thornhill? Look no more.

Take the trails

The Sugarbush Heritage Park is probably the best option when it comes to outdoors. With smooth trails that are suitable for children and the elderly, as well, this place is a natural wonderland. Tall trees, wild animals, and amazing photo spots are pretty much everywhere in this park.

Visit the library

Reading is always a good thing, but the Dufferin Clark Library in Thornhill has so much more to offer! With permanent and temporary exhibitions, you will find yourself constantly going there! If you have kids, don’t worry, the library has some very nice playgrounds and many toys prepared for them while you explore the exhibitions.

Spend an evening at the Tickled Toad

The most famous pub in town, the Ticked Toad is ideal for enjoying a good dinner and a few drinks. There is lots of room, the food is really good, and they have a large variety of specialty drinks at the bar The staff is friendly and the place gives you an overall cozy feeling, and you probably find yourself coming back often.

Do some shopping at the Promenade

The Promenade Shopping Centre has a very convenient location in Thornhill. Besides, there are many popular brands to choose from and a lot of places to go to during a free afternoon. From a comfy cinema to playgrounds and a very diverse food court, this place is really nice going to when you find yourself having a free afternoon.

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Go on a tour to explore Toronto

Since you are here, you could book one of Toronto’s Fun Tours and explore the fun part of the big city. Tours start from Thornhill, as well, and you will experience a Toronto you have never seen before! Put on some comfy shoes and let’s go. If you are looking to move ​​then hiring movers in Toronto for just a few hours is a great option if you only need help packing or unpacking boxes.

Of course, there are not only these 5 things to do in Thornhill. But you will have to discover them by yourself. Plus the prices are very good and the overall costs of living are reasonable, so why not move here with the help of Thornhill Movers? Perhaps a free estimate can convince you? Choose a date for your move and let Canada’s favorite movers handle everything. Sit back, relax, and Let’s Get Moving to Thornhill!