Toronto’s largest suburb and one of Canada’s largest cities sure must have a lot to offer! Otherwise, what would all the 720,000 inhabitants do in their spare time? Mississauga offers a lot of things to do. Here are 5 of them.

Go for a long walk

Take the Waterfront Trail, which covers the area from Cornwell all the way to Niagara-on-the-lake, crossing the city of Mississauga along the waterfront. The trail has 740 kilometers in total, so hike as much as possible and change the route whenever you feel like it!

Get a vibe from the past

Mississauga, Ontario has some small neighborhoods that are quite different from the rest of the city. One is Streetsville, where you can enjoy the historic buildings and an air that reminds you of the older days. The area also has a lot of diverse festivals organized all throughout the year, so make sure to catch them, as well.
Things To Know Before You Move To Mississauga

Indulge in international cuisine

Mississauga is as diverse as it gets! In this context, so are its inhabitants’ tastes. From Asian to South American, from Indian spices to Italian pasta, you can get all the authentic dishes here! Find your desired specialty restaurant in Mississauga and try all the international goodies without leaving the city!

Enjoy some art

Mississauga is quite artistic city per se, but make sure to also check out the art where it’s intended to be. The Art Gallery has four large galleries that display hundreds of pieces of art from regional and national artists. The gallery also frequently organizes events and workshops for all age categories.

Do some shopping

One of Canada’s largest shopping malls is in Mississauga. Square One Shopping Centre is the largest mall in Ontario and the second largest in Canada. Hundreds of shops and services are here for you, offering solutions and competitive prices for all the items on your shopping list.

Mississauga has a lot to offer, indeed. And of course, these 5 things are not all there is to do. Otherwise, people will not choose to move here this frequently. If you decide to move here, Let’s Get Moving can offer you a free estimate and very good hourly rates upon booking.