Here you have a quick list of 5 things to do in Bradford. Having numerous parks and outdoor resorts, Bradford is perfect for people who search for a deeper connection to nature. Why not move there and make this your everyday life?

Enjoy nature

Like, really, enjoy nature. There are parks and wildlife areas everywhere you look, just perfect for reconnecting with Mother Nature. Take your kids out, read a book, take a walk, ride the bike – the options are countless, depending on your tastes, on the current season… and on what rings your bell.

Get some traditional Mexican pottery

El Lugar de Pottery is a great place to buy Mexican pottery, metallic decorations, and some tasty baked goods. Really colorful and cheerful place, with home-baked pies so delicious, and they will have you coming back over and over for more.

Take the whole family to Kindergy

Do not let yourself be fooled by the name! The place is incredibly fun for both children and adults. If you want a place to waste your afternoon energy at, go to Kindergy. It is an amazing play space, with tubes, slides, building blocks, climbing walls, and anything you can dream of! Your kids will for sure love it.

Go to the Scanlon Creek

A beautiful conservation area just a few miles from Bradford, Scanlon Creek is a 500-acre natural wonderland. Go there if you want to escape the daily routine and the crowded city life. You will thank yourself later.

Indulge yourself at the spa

Yes, Bradford does have spa resorts. And good ones! Relax your muscles, body, and soul with a massage, a facial, or a body treatment. All this in a place that has a lovely garden and a café to enjoy right after the treatment sessions.

There are many more than 5 things for you to do in Bradford.  It is not a tourist place at all, but you can still find fun and relaxing things here. Especially if you are a nature lover, this place is for you. Should you wish to move closer to Toronto than you live now, but in a more affordable and considerably more quiet area, you should think about this place. ? Need a free estimate from the best-moving company in Toronto?

Bradford is waiting for you, so book movers in Bradford now, and Let’s Get Moving to Bradford!